This quest will certainly appear after you finish the Hidden Unicorn QuestUnlock Toddler hobby and Toddler Playhouse HobbyTime Limit: 2 days.Got the Big Wheeled Trike prize. if you deserve to finish the pursuit for 2 days.If you can not finish this mission for 2 days, you have the right to still complete the quest, but won"t acquire the Big Wheeled Trike.NOTE: You need a sim through the age of a toddler to do this search. To have actually a toddler age sim, you have to make a birthday cake by clicking the cooktop, pick "Bake", select "Birthday Cake". After that, click sim toddler, select "Have birthday"
Have a toddler take a catnap*30 minutes= click the mattress, choose "catnap"Sfinish toddler to swim center = order the tooddler to visit the swim center.

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Explore magic castle*2 minutes 33 seconds= click the playhous toodler as attracted. Choose "Explore magic castle"

Ask wumples to read to your toddler
*5 minutes= click the perboy in the rablittle costume in front of the swimming center door.Have toddler play with cat at swim center*6 seconds= click the cat in the swim center, pick "play through paint".

Search a tree at swim facility for torn page
*8 hours 30 minutes= click on the palm tree that is roughly the swim facility. Select "search a dancing tree".

Talk to professor cat
*24 seconds= click the cat in the swim facility pick "talk to professor paint".Have a cat holiday in the playhouse*2 hours 10 minutes= click Toodler playhouse. Select "have actually a cat holiday".Have a toddler dance through a tree*3 minutes 12 seconds= click on the swaying tree roughly the swim facility. Choose "dance, dance, dance!".Ask wumples to review to your toddler*5 minutes= click the perchild in the rablittle bit costume in front of the swimming center doorHave a toddler take a catnap*30 minutes= click the mattress, choose "catnap"Talk to the swim facility elephant*6 hrs 20 minutes

Send adult to the swim center
= order adult sims to visit swim center.Search dancing tree for treasure*9 hours 30 minutes= click the palm tree around the swim center. Select "search for treasure".

Dance through wumples
*1 minute 12 seconds= click on people through rablittle bit costumes in front of the swimming facility door. Choose "dance via wumples"Feed a toddler cookies*5 minutes= Those that execute this must be adult sims. Click on the tooddler, choose "feed cookies".Have a toddler take a catnap*30 minutes= click the mattress, select "catnap". need to usage a unique mattress Tooddler!Send a toddler to swim center = order the tooddler to visit the swim center.Ride the huge wheeled trike*1 minute= click the bike about the swim center. Select "ride massive wheel".
Rerotate magical book to playhouse
*2 hrs 10 minutes= click on the playhome. Select "rerotate magical book"
No. This is Key Quest which indicates the main pursuit from The Ims Freeplay. You don"t desire to desire to end up it.
Why does the footprint appear on the sim head once I try to use a baarang (for example, click on TV, however rather the sim does not want to move and a footprint appears)?

That"s because the place of the item is not ideal so the sim cannot accessibility the item. Try to adjust its place and make sure tbelow are no other objects roughly the item that dispel the sim to access the item.
Go to the city park or the area where you desire to send the sim to the area. Click simtracker, and click the image on the sim that you want to order to visit the city park or other location.

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Why occasionally do I require a long time to do something, periodically it likewise just takes a short time (for instance "watch news" on the TV in sim A"s house is faster than "watch news" at sim B house)?

Try to pay attention. Each item sold on the residence keep or all items in The Sims Freeplay has a star picture on the right. it shows the rating of the item. Objects with 3 Stars will provide a much shorter time than objects through 1 star.