Would you introduce it? usually it that 5 weeks extensive training to reshape professionals into the ar of data science, v employment opportunities by sponsoring providers of the program.

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I would prefer to understand the caliber and if castle really carry out make the graduates that the program in an excellent shape for employment because that competitive salary.

I'm particularly eyeing the Insight wellness Data scientific research Fellowship. Mine background is in medicine and also Comp Sci bachelors, and also I have an MD (meaning med school grad, no residency, long-story quick I earnestly felt I can be a much better fit in CS+medicine), so i feel choose this is my next logical step - to enter into data science in Healthcare. And also then ~ above r/machinelearning to gain myself ready for future.

But what they promise sounds too good to be true. Room they at sight intensive? Is it tough to get in? your whitepaper doesn't go in deep and I'm no seeing a lot of reviews on your webpage.


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I understand there are other insight fellows lurking around but I'll bite.

I'm currently a other in the health and wellness Data regime in Boston. It's a 7 week program. There are no "classes" as part of the program, it's mostly small workshops and peer-to-peer learning. This version worked good for me, ns learned a lot from my fellow fellows. An ext that i anticipated learning. Through in large, though, the biggest thing about the program is the network girlfriend build. Insight has connections to neighborhood area companies and can put you in former of the right people when it come time to look because that a job. Many companies in Boston have actually Insight fellows working for them, so it is a self-reinforcing processing.

Most fellows would certainly say the it's intense. Week 1 is invested brainstorming project ideas ,finding data, and also presenting your job idea in ~ the end of the week. Mainly 2 is invest implementing your job (which probably consists of a web app), and also to deliver a minimally viable job by the end of the week. Week 3 is spent doing an ext tweaking of your project, through the deliverable gift your final product. Week 4 is invested practicing her presentation the your project (which girlfriend will current to companies). Weeks 5-7 room spent demoing your project at companies and also prepping because that interviews. Main 7+ are as soon as you begin to obtain calls ago for interviews. So yes, it's fast and also intense.

In regards to the too great to be true bit: I can speak from my very own experience in my cohort. We have 18 human being in our cohort, and also we space a small under 2 months the end from the "official" finish of the program. 11 fellows have actually been put at companies so far, through a 12th most most likely on their means out. In state of task searching, that's pretty quick pace from unemployment to employment.

I'm tho looking, however the routine directors proceed to support for me at suppliers they have actually connections with (I have an interview Friday, actually). You room a fellow till you space employed, technically. Also though the regime officially ended, most world kept coming back to the office because that studying and also practice. I feel an extremely supported, and also I feel specific that those of us left will find jobs at the very least within the next 6-8 months.

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I don't know exactly how accurate the 100% placement rate statistic is, however given what I've seen, i really have actually nothing negative to say around the program. I'm glad ns did it.