I dunno if there room some peeps interested, but right ELOA (Inspirit) room doing a gigantic beta an essential give away. I acquired like 14 of lock 7 NA and also 7 EU.

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Here room the links if you men want miscellaneous to try while waiting for ToS. Http://inspirit.gr-ent.com/eu/giveaway.gre

1: http://inspirit.gr-ent.com/eu/giveaway.gre because that EU

and this one is for NA


Best the luck!

The server to be so laggy come me and NA server was on maintenance most of the time (>﹏<). I might barely reap the game


My impression:

The combat liquid in this game is no so impressive. Around 300-400ms ping will certainly make this game un-enjoyable. 200-300 can feel a little bit clumsy.Many item v potential P2W (I might wrong), yet cash shop consisted of Stats Pet, Stats Costume and also Crafting Material.

I expect ToS will certainly do much better than this game, especially the Combat Fluid.

Can’t add, tho downloading.


Still make the efforts to figure the battle mechanics–doesn’t seem to describe it well. Must you constantly it is in switching in between weapons as an abilities cool down, or yak get them situationally?


Got to level 11, however I spent a ton of time trying out all the gear in the shop, seeing just how P2W it is. They provided us a many cash point out to occupational with because that free. Getting a rarely Pet indigenous the cash shop is pretty damn low. It might be set to 1-5% autumn chance, ns used around 80 random boxes and got 3. There are largely only cosmetics items in the shop at the moment, however there are likewise weapons because that level 40 only… Looks favor the game is going P2W eventually…

Anyway, personal from the the video game is supervisor fun, had actually a the majority of enjoyment so far, definitely worth security a couple of hours on in ~ the moment. I was plan on act this earlier, but I just kept wanting to play. I just gained disconnected, for this reason now’s the best time i suppose.

The graphics are nothing special, the monster sport is uninspiring in ~ the low levels at least, however they do without doubt vary, give thanks to god. The npc’s nothing cater for the low level, just acquire gear native the quests, don’t stroked nerves trying come buy anything. The crafting mechanism seems interesting enough, yet you deserve to only select one produciton skill in between armour/wep/accessory and item productions (making distinct items), after that your locked right into that sub-class that equipment.

Best part of the game is the fluid and varied combat. This video game was built for MvPing and also PvPing. Really quick combinations, with a selection of uses. A very reactive game, for me the doesn’t feeling boring, choose I’m spamming the same switch over and also over. You can acquire quite creative with the combos, and improve the combo rating quite a bit if your fast and also smart. Combo an abilities into CC skill right into next weapon combo skills into CC so on. (The combat is rotating skills by swapping weapons. I would indicate mapping the swap weapon skill to a different key though.) Using space bar (Dash), activity speed buffs and Blocking buffs, this video game can be rather intense native what i’ve played. (I play Warrior)

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Only other gripe is the it still feels like the community is separated, not lot communication in between each other. Anyone is simply off doing their very own thing. However unlike in Cabal, ns did battle to complete the first major dungeon on my own, together I permit the bosses hp regain by mistake and also ran the end of mana potions. The boss had nice noticeable animations, which compelled some reactions to together they come out nice quick, and also he was no press over. I like this game a lot.

TL;DR: This game is definitely worth a shoot whilst us wait for ToS beta to it is in released.


1 favor

I nothing think the combat fluid is good enough because that an action game though.In every MMO game, there room 3 means to manage actions.

Trust the client. This way people deserve to cheat, however the results are instant. Usually apply for Offline Game.

Wait till data arrives earlier from the server prior to doing anything. This is a very common strategy in RTS and also MOBA games. If you click come move, the unit will only start relocating once the server states so, which is 50-250ms later. If you room close to the server, you’ll conveniently get supplied to the lag and everything feels quite good. If you’re far away (Asia for example), the feels favor you’re playing drunk. Every time you worry an order, nothing happens for quarter of a second. This walk not work-related for action RPGs.

Start predicting the result of the action as though the server said yes, immediately. As soon as the server later on gets back to you through a result, variable it in. This is what activity RPGs (PSO2, Dragon Nest) do. It method that once you click come move, or click come attack, it occurs instantly and also feels great. The difficulty is what happens as soon as the server decides the the activity can’t have developed - that’s as soon as the video game gets badly the end of sync, which require a ‘rubberbanding’, you’ll watch character and mobs teleport to wherein they in reality are.

Apparently, Inspirit online using method 2, which require server because that every action. When you push a skill, it requirements a an answer from server, you’ll see a small hold-up for that skill to be activated, climate a small delay to check out the damages calculated. When the delay become as well big, it will cause frustration because that player. This method never suit an activity Game.

Method 3, is what video game like Diablo 3 and also Path the Exile using, even PSO2. Actions does not need server to perform, yet the server will decide that action is precious or not. That will reason no delay at all in gameplay, make the combat much more fluid.

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I simply hope ToS will certainly use an approach 3. Because I experienced in part CBT video, people got ‘rubberbanding’ earlier and gain hit if they already avoided that skill. Sort of unpleasant for a live/death situation.