Hi everyone,Long time reader, first time poster . . . Is it possible to macro communicate with target? for this reason the help or attack key also interacts?

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Not a macro yet you can set a crucial binding come it in the crucial binds area. Just have actually a macro to assist the master and also hit that first then the interact key.
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This alternative makes boxing so lot easyer! ...but not forget to inspect "click come move" on her clones, if u want them to run over to a corpse and loot, or walk as much as a npc etc. (Interface/mouse/click-to-move) ns have connect with target bound come * button, and also click to relocate checked, and also just love come spam the * when i desire my girl to run after alliance

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i"ve rotate "click come move" off of the girl i typically use together leader...i"m a stunner clicker, and it has started boss encounters prematurely on numerous occasions by having actually me walk into range. Not fun. I"m reasoning about turning it on, for this reason she acts normal when she"s no the leader...if i can just prevent the random ideal clicking that ns do.
^^ This. Ns haven"t began a boss fight early but I have pulled trash as soon as I wasn"t ready. Now I to be going to look increase the script on wowwiki and see if over there is a easy means to toggle this setting. Edit: discovered this: removed ToggleMouseMove() (Removed in 3.1.0) . So ns guess they eliminated the capacity to toggle computer mouse move with a script.
When ns switch leader I usage this: # on slaves /console AutoInteract 1 #on master /console AutoInteract 0
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