Into the Wild was an initial introduced to me in a book that made ring one summer at my family’s cottage in northern Ontario. The tragic story that Christopher McCandless, the young male who passed away surviving in Alaska was an ext than just a blip on the news radar. Writer Jon Krakauer dug out the details of an idealistic and also intelligent university graduate. The story might remind you vaguely the Catcher in the Rye together McCandless walk on a search for his own search for truth and honesty.

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Rather 보다 Love, than Money, than Fame, provide me Truth.” – Henry David Thoreau

Sean pen takes credit for both screenplay and directing into the Wild, the gold Globe winning film was virtually ten year in the making.

The movie is a breakthrough in storytelling. Deftly switching from the young man’s final days in Alaska to flashbacks of his far-off past. Whether us visit his sister’s insights right into their childhood or check out McCandless’s long journey through the American west former to transforming north come Alaska, we get insights into this amazing young male mind.


Although the a sad tale, this is no sullen bore of a film. Colorful characters adorn the story choose imperfect gems. They’re genuine people, impressions the Americana that could have been penned by the likes of mark Twain where he composing in the so late 20th century.

Superb performances room turned in by few of the finest actors in the company including Hal Holbrook who earned an academy award nomination, Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener. The movie is additionally sprinkled through real civilization who aren’t actors. Sean Penn even got one guy out of prison temporarily to lend vital authenticity come his scene.

It’s star, Emile Hirsch is made come look so much like the pictures of chris McCandless indigenous the book, it’s actually just a small eerie. Hirsch prove dedication to the function by losing nearly 40lbs because that the movie’s final scenes.

Into the Wild together with Things We shed in the Fire space to it is in the last HD DVD releases for Paramount. That a installation farewell come the format.


Dolby Digital add to 5.1

The English Dolby Digital 5.1 Soundtrack is your only audio option. The soundtrack no contain a most opportunity for ear-numbing surround effects. Yet the Dolby Digital to add 5.1 soundtrack makes up for it in musicality.


Original music was performed by Eddie Vedder, Kaki King and also Michael Brook. Vedder is easily the most recognizable name. His rough baritone is thrown into many of the film’s roadway scenes. Favor Easy Rider, right into the Wild offers shots of some of America’s most picturesque vistas when music rises come the occasion.

The many stunning effect you’ll find in the soundtrack are the instances where the front and surround speakers are conquered by the music. It’s an overwhelming to speak if the Dolby Digital Plus uses any more acuity than a typical Dolby Digital monitor on the DVD. However the music is extremely detailed and also draws friend in by re-telling the story in its very own way.


2.35:1, 1080P/VC-1

Not a perfect presentation that 1080P, you may see visible grain or noise at time in details scenes. Indoor scenes are particularly dark with muddled details. Yet these room minor quibbles because it’s no an indoor movie.

An overwhelming majority of the movie takes ar outdoors. The landscapes advantage from the high resolution information in the plenty of panoramic scenes. Indigenous the Colorado river to the Alaska’s snowcapped mountains you’ll see few of the best landscape scenery on film.


Menu device is conveniently navigable v only four main options. There aren’t a lot of special functions in this movie so it’s straightforward to store the choices into a well had menu system.



The 2 featurettes no presented in HD, both are letterboxed 4:3 typical def. The theatrical trailer is in gift in HD. The featurettes space well worth watching but they’re an extremely similar.

The Story, The Characters: 21:53Features elevator on the life and family that Christopher McCandless. Penn and also other cast give their insights into working as real, living people and how they regarded the experience. It also has some interesting insights form the writer of the book, Jon Krakauer. The Experience: 17:19This is similar to any type of other make Of… featurette. Other than that this one has a lot less ego stroking. Penn and Hirsch provide a lot of the product for this featurette and they display us just how they make the film on location at countless of the locations visited by McCandless after the disappeared. Theatrical Trailers


I have actually seen it twice because I obtained my hands on the HD DVD. Ns will most likely go through an additional viewing soon. It’s no a showcase for your residence theater device so for many it’ll more than likely make a worthy rental. But, being of the last significant HD DVD publication those who bought right into the layout may want to give the HD DVD a good look.


If you’re not sure you want to to buy the DVD or HD DVD: Which must you pick?

I think HD DVD is worthwhile for this film despite some of the imperfections in the video clip quality. You’ll benefit from high resolution landscapes the 480P DVD cannot match.

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The music top quality in the soundtrack is superior as this film might go down among the good musical road movies in the soul of simple Rider. However it’s challenging to say if Dolby Digital to add on the HD DVD offers any noticeable benefit over heritage Dolby Digital available on the DVD. However if you’re favor me (and don"t want to wait because that an ultimate Blu-ray release) you’re looking for any benefit you can get.