Crooning the predatory "Hello, Little Girl," Depp plays the Wolf to Lilla Crawford"s Little Red Riding Hood


Into the Woods gets fairly creepy, fairly conveniently.

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One of many significant names in the movie musical’s star-studded ensemble is Johnny Depp, that shows up as the Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood, played byLilla Crawford. The two accomplish in the forest and also share the duet, “Hello, Little Girl,” as the young girl gets distracted by flowers on her way to visit her ailing grandmom with a basket of baked items.

The song is the 3rd number the film — heard throughout the first half, whichdirector Rob Marshall has defined as “incredibly a lot a romp and also a farce; it’s joyous, smart, clever before and also playful,” and well before the movie takes a darker rotate. In moststagings of the twisty, fairytale-filled Stephen SondheimJames Lapine musical, the barely-clothed Wolf howls loudly while closing the song with a pelvic thrust.

Countless theater chatroomcommenters have actually disputed the song’s double-meanings, pointing out lascivious symbols favor Red’s lust-colored cape and also object of exploration: flowers, alluding to virginity. The companion number to “Hello, Little Girl” is Red’s “I Know Things Now,” which has frequently been construed as the character’s response to an initial sex-related enrespond to. Sondheim has actually shelp this was an objection throughout the adaptation process, together with the ondisplay fate of some personalities.

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So just how did the Disney release especially handle Depp and Crawford’s sexualized song?

“Delicately, exceptionally delicately; we were aware of the ramifications,” producer John DeLuca told The Hollytimber Reporter at the film’s premiere earlier this month. “And we really wanted to hire children on this — you don’t perform that onstage, they’re older. … So we simply discovered our way, not making it also heavy on the pedophilia front.”

Musically, “it’s a very difficult thing bereason it’s innate in the lyrics,” said music producer and also supervisor Michael Higham, that additionally collaborated through Depp on the 2007 movie-musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. While the arrangement stays largely untouched, “we emphasized the woodwinds to make it feel a tiny lighter, specifically the flutes. And we just made it a tiny jazzier — played more on the walking bass line. Inherently, once it has a jazz feel, it simply feels lighter.”

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The vital of the original song was likewise lowered to fit Depp’s range, which presents an also starker contrast to Crawford’s pure soprano lines. “The nice thing is that the advent of the song is still dark, so you don’t fairly know wbelow you are,” Higham included of the low notes that ground Depp’s growls and initial lyrics. “The minute Johnny starts right into his upbeat section , it’s just fun.”

Crawford wasn’t intimidated to star as the target of the film’s many predatory scene. “You can play it so many methods, so just don’t play it that way!” she laughed. “We type of staged it as maybe that creepy guy who’s choose, ‘Hey, get in the van, and also he turns out to be a kidnapper.’ That’s type of how it was.”

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In spite of the alters to the arrangements and costume designer Colleen Atwood‘sTex Avery-influenced lupine zoot suit, which hides the character’s animalistic anatomy, the Wolf still circles approximately Red with enough suggestion to cause some shivers, particularly as he sings, “Look at that flesh, pink and also plump, Hello, little bit girl.”

Of the decision to keep enough of the track’s innuenperform of insatiability ondisplay screen, DeLuca sassist, “You have to — he hregarding be the temptation of pulling her off this path to the flowers, to the awakening. The temptation of somepoint alluring, something attrenergetic. But no, we couldn’t hit it over the head.”

The lyrics additionally encompass the kicker: “There’s no feasible method to define what you feel as soon as you’re talking to your meal!” ButDeLuca isn’t came to about a backlash from paleas that view the Christmas Day release with their young ones.

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“I’m not worried about that at all, because of the way we treated it,” he defined. “See, bereason the kid sees life so a lot differently: you see what you look for in somepoint, and the boy sees this crazy wolf that she has actually made huguy. He just wants to eat her, he really wants to devour her — he’s hungry! So many world that have actually carried their kids to view it, the kids love it because they view it from their vantage suggest.” DeLucalikewise provided that paleas “love it as well,” bereason they understand the suggestiveness that goes over their children’s heads.

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“This movie is a reality inspect, but it’s additionally blended via fantasy,” included Crawford of her character’s interaction via Depp’s Wolf. “It’s all about flourishing up and ending up being an adult, leaving your childhood and also becoming a young woman. I think so many kind of girls my age can relate to that — also I deserve to, and that’s what so unique about Little Red Riding Hood in this version.”