When Apple rolled out the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September, I bought the iPhone 6. I do not regret it. But considering that then I"ve been able to spfinish some time via the iPhone 6 Plus, and also I have to admit, I simply do not acquire it. It"s just too damn huge.

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I admit that when I bought my iPhone 6, my hand also was required. I didn"t preorder a phone, because at the moment the pre-orders started I wasn"t sure which one I"d quite have actually. So on September 19th I discovered myself standing in line at my neighborhood Apple Store with dozens of various other diedifficult fans (and also a bunch of Chinese folks sfinishing them back eastern to make some quick money on the babsence market).

The manager of the Apple Store I visited walked up and also dvery own the line around an hour prior to the save opened up to let us understand that they didn"t have any more iPhone 6 Plus units for sale; the exceptionally restricted amount they"d got had been spoken for by pre-orders and the initially few human being in line.

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My mind had actually mainly been made up by then to gain the 6 anyway: I didn"t want to spend the additional money on the Plus, and also I assumed it could be a little bit too big for me.

As it transforms out, I was appropriate. Because then, I"ve been able to spend high quality time via the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple gave me with a evaluation unit for a while, and it"s been my daily driver.


I"ll conveniently admit there are a few things I favor around the bigger iPhone. The iPhone 6 Plus has tremendous battery life. I routinely go two days — periodically much longer — between charges. I can"t remember ever being able to do that on an additional iPhone. The battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus is nothing short of stupendous bereason Apple was able to cram a lot more battery capacity right into the larger style. And the iPhone 6 Plus video camera, with its optical image stabilization, is spectacular.

I love the dual-pane mode that pops up in some applications once you rotate the phone to a landscape mode. It makes it a lot much easier to navigate with e-mail, calendars and other content on the phone, and also it simply provides feeling. I look forward to third-party developers sustaining the attribute in the future, as well.


Throughout my time via the Plus, I"ve taken a pair of straw polls from Plus-wielding friends and also colleagues, and all of them tell me the exact same thing: Due to the fact that they gained their larger iPhone, they use their iPad and iPad minis a lot much less than they provided to.

I can completely understand why: The iPhone 6 Plus really fills the gap tright here, offering a lot of the functionality of the iPad in an even smaller package than the iPad mini. If you"re looking to get rid of one more pound of weight in your bag and speak delivering roughly an additional sync cable or USB charger, the iPhone 6 Plus could be the appropriate gadget.

But here"s what I don"t like around the iPhone 6 Plus: The dimension. It"s simply also huge to fit in my pocket comfortably without feeling it pushing up versus the fabric and also my leg. I admit that my previous description of the iPhone 6 Plus as "having a skateboard dvery own your trousers" was hyperbole, yet there"s no question that you"re more aware of what"s in your pocket than you are as soon as you"re transferring an iPhone 6 or previous models.

The iPhone 6 Plus"s weight is substantially heavier than an iPhone 6, also. I can not stick it in a jacket pocket without feeling it — it"s just a heftier tool. To be fair, Apple has actually done a marvelous task through the iPhone 6 Plus weight distribution: It feels better than a lot of various other large-format smartphones on the sector, better balanced and more evenly dispersed. But it still has that additional heft to it.

But the genuine dealbreaker for me? I can"t occupational one-handedly with the same kind of dexterity and also swiftness as I can on the iPhone 6. Sure, Apple incorporated "Reachability" as a core attribute in iOS 8 on the new iPhone models: Double-tapping the Touch ID sensor brings the top row of the display to within straightforward reach of your thumb. But with the included weight and also dimension of the iPhone 6 Plus, I can not quickly hold it and thumb-type as I"m accustomed to doing on the iPhone 6 together with all the other iPhone models I"ve had actually before.

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I don"t pretfinish to think my usage case is the very same as everyone else"s. If you have an iPhone 6 Plus and also love it, or if you"re planning to buy one, excellent on you. I recognize Rene loves his. But having actually had actually the chance to use both, I"m looking forward to returning to my iPhone 6. It"ll be much less bulk and also less weight in my pocket and also simpler to control through one hand also, and also those are the most solid reasons I have the right to think of to want the smaller sized iPhone.

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