Honestly, I love the iPhone 7 Plus and all however the point has actually been getting to me regarding dimension. It's fairly hard to also fit in my pocket and also I'm not rather certain what to perform anymore - leave it, or store it? I'm about about 6', either it's just my pocket dimension problem or it's the iPhone itself just being also substantial. I gladly require some input because I'm not even able to maneuver around via the phone gaining in the way in my pockets. Just trying to make certain I got the appropriate pick.

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I don't understand what you want anyone to tell you. No one however you knows if the size is somepoint you can live via. What are you asking?

Mine fits in pockets just fine and I'm about the very same size. It is unwieldy though, however the battery and also camera are simply too good. I've used a continuous 6s and also the battery life just doesn't compare.

Well I personally don't find it as well massive, I think it's the perfect size. It fits in my purse and also ago pocket well, however everyone's different so it's really approximately you.

It was as well substantial for me. As a lot as I loved it, I couldn't really acquire it comfortable in my hand and also it didn't fit well in my pockets. I really wanted to make the 7plus occupational, yet alas, I went earlier to the 7. Much happier.

many thanks for your feedback!! Also, can you tell any difference in cam top quality or battery life between 7 and 7+ I assume tright here should not be any, however I'm just checking! I have tiny hands, so I really don't think I should get the 7+

I have 2 under 2, it is imperative I have the right to operate the phone one-handed. The plus does not facilitate this.

They really must shave actually the bezels down. After owning a note 7 it feels humongous. I have a way of life that necesitates a instance so it is exceptionally inconvenient to tote for only having a 5.5 screen

In my opinion as a 7 plus owner, I think that the screen is tarting to feel little. After using the iPhone 6 for 2 years and switching to the plus I thought there would certainly be a bigger distinction as soon as I offered it yet honestly I gained so offered to it. I hope Apple renders the iPhone 8 bigger like 6".

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