Sarah Ziolkowska is a Librarian and Reading Specialist in ~ Park Century institution in Culver City, California. However she is renowned as the previous wife of Canadian actor, comedian, writer and businessman, Nathan Fielder.

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Caption:Sarah Ziolkowska through her ex-husband Nathan Fielder (Photo: story Mask)

Born and raised in the Canada,Sarah Ziolkowska birth of day is missing. Yet her previous husbandNathan Fielder born on may 12, 1983. Having Canadian nationality, sarah is that Caucasian ethnicity. Her real name is Sarah delight McKenna
In the year 2002, she joinedUniversity the Toronto situated in Toronto, Canada. Indigenous the University, sarah graduated v a Bachelor of applied Science in Psychology in the year 2007. Climate she enrolled at Dalhousie University situated in in Nova Scotia, Canada. In the year 2009, she acquired her grasp of Library & details Science degree.
In the year 2007, the duo met because that the very first time. Slowly, castle turned right into lover after gift friends. They beginning dating and their romance turned into marriage. Buy it Ziolkowska bound the wedding knot through her husband Nathan Fielder in a personal ceremony. The duo hasn"t mentioned exact wedding date, and venue.
After marriage, the husband and also wife duo"s bonds began to worsen. After having internal conflicts in your marriage, Sarah and Nathan finished their marriage with divorce. In the year 2014, the couple officially divorced. Also, castle didn"t came to be parents of boy from their marital relationship life together well.
After divorce, Sarah maintained herself liven in work. Then she maintained her an individual life low. After a year of she divorce with her husband Nathan. He come forwardin the event to talk around the separation. In the year 2015, in an interview through AV society he stated;
"I went through a divorce critical year, and I didn’t know just how to talk around it at an initial because it to be so shocking. “Shocking” isn’t the right word, however it’s a heavy emotional thing. And even though it wasn’t an extreme situation, it to be very—what’s the word, John, wherein two human being are cool with everything? “Amicable”?"
After divorce with his mam Sarah, that remains single for few years. Follow to reports, Nathan Fielder spotted through a lady called Maci. The duo common some adorable screen-time together during the two-hour Nathan for You season finale in November 2017.
"The much more things that we kept shooting, the more difficult it was to tell where the present ended and life started,"

Nathan said during a voiceover 보다 he paid she $350 for an hour"s hanging out. So that is still secret whether he has girlfriend or not.

What"sSarah Ziolkowska net Worth?

She has actually been earning a handsome amount of money functioning as a Librarian and Reading Specialist. Sarah Ziolkowska has built up net worth end $400 thousand
as every reports. The median salary the a Librarian assistant is about $24,960 follow to Glassdoor.
Sarah"s former husband Nathan Fielderhas estimated net worth over $3 Million. Surely, the has collected this hefty sum of money from his functioning career.
Sarah Ziolkowska ex-husband is a Canadian writer, comedian, actor, and entrepreneur. Nathan is well-known for co-creating and also starring in the Comedy central show Nathan for You.Fielderwas born and also raised in a Jewish family.
Nathan has functioned briefly for a brokerage firm, before quitting to begin his comedy career. Also, that graduated through a Bachelor of commerce in the year 2005. Also, the is known formovies such as “Morris, “Way up There”, “The Way”, “The Night Before”, “Kelly 5-9”, and many more.
Sarah Ziolkowska is a curator and perusing expert at Park Century School, in Culver City. She has actually been a item of the school because October 2012. The kids" bookkeeper generally keeps increase the institution library and the asset materials assortment for educators and also other staff.
Moreover, sarah trains library classes seven days in the school. She frequently puts together many unique occasions accentuating education and the power for perusing. Alongside she flexible part in the school, sarah is the mentor the the Wilson routine to understudies who room experiencing the perusing difficulties like dyslexia.

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Before involvement Park Century School, the ex-celebrity life companion went through roughly two year filling in as a showing aide at Dalhousie University. Furthermore, buy it did she library temporary job at W.K Kellogg health and wellness Sciences Library. She offered to offer reference managements to understudies just as make data education webcasts at the library.