A leader alerted me this week that Kraft Foods’ good Seasons Italian Dressing now has wheat. Together with any type of product ingredient question, I checked out the resource to confirm.

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“Spices, herbs and seeds carry out not contain gluten. Back an anti-caking agent might sometimes be added to spices, it is often silicon dioxide, calcium silicate or salt aluminum silica and NOT wheat flour or wheat starch.”

“Seasonings,” however, room a various matter. Through “seasonings,” we median seasoning blends and also mixes choose gravy and also taco mixes. These often DO save gluten, because they are blends of flavors (not containing gluten) and a carrier agent choose salt, sugar, lactose, whey powder, starches or flours like wheat.*

*Quotes and also references attributed to Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive source Guide, Revised and also Expanded edition 2010, Shelley Case, RD.

So read those ingredient labels for every product girlfriend purchase! and also read lock again the next time girlfriend purchase, as ingredients DO adjust (See Katie Chalmers’ post on an excellent Seasons in she cabinet!). Don’t let your knees begin knocking at the vision of “spices” top top ingredient labels, though. Take it heart knowing:

spices room gluten-free;the most likely sneaky gluten addition to anything containing seasonings would it is in wheat – i m sorry by regulation must be referred to as out ~ above the ingredient label; andif there were any type of extremely rare and unlikely gluten contaminant in “spices,” it would certainly be found in such a small amount as to contain one insignificant, map amount that gluten (i.e. Nowhere near 20 ppm)

With seasoning packets (like gravy and also taco seasonings) though, usage caution.

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Many, if no most, perform contain gluten in the form of wheat which will be referred to as out on the label.Ultimately, whether you acquisition or usage a product is only up to you. But equipped with facts, you deserve to make the best decision for you and your family.

PS – If you would prefer to encourage Kraft to return to its gluten-free an excellent Seasons formulations, call their customer organization number in ~ 1-800-522-0501 and tell castle it problem to you!