It’s no my first time yet babygirl it ain’t my critical

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Chris Brown - permit Me take You down come "Let Me take You Down" by chris Brown. Here we are, all alone in this room and girl, I recognize where come start and what to be gonna do I"ll take my time, we"ll be every night, girl So acquire ready, babe, I acquired plans for me and also you
The Temptations - as well Busy Thinking about My baby ...I Ain"t got time to talk about the weather, Or just how long its gonna critical (ah ah ah ah) and also I ain"t acquired time to carry out no studying, when I gain out of class (ah ah ah ah) and Im just a fella, with a one, a one monitor mind and when it involves thinking about, anything yet my baby, I just dont have time! (Too busy Thinking about my baby) O Yeah, Aint obtained ...
T-Pain - girl friend katifund.orgMe and my girl require a when I first met her had actually the vision Come fulfill my girl she models panties because that a living (VS) The three of us could make of movie, her decision (Your decision) I"m cram fifty bands tonight, a couple of tuitions prefer I told her bring a girlfriend for my friend T-Pain yet not the one from critical time "cause she keeps playing
Ja rule - put It on Me katifund.orgSo infant girl put it ~ above me. Due to the fact that we met it"s to be you and I A tear for a tear, infant eye for an eye and you recognize that mine heart gone cry If you leaving me lonely Cuz girlfriend not just my love you mine homie Who"s gonna console me, mine love I"m outta regulate hold me, mine love reason I"m yours and I don"t wanna carry out nothin come hurt my baby girl (ooooohh)
Christina Aguilera - like I execute katifund.orgI may not want but just can have to display you display you What i do and you can"t perform it quite prefer I do. This feeling is legendary Welcome to mine sanctuary Every time prefer the an initial time But, baby, girls favor me ain"t short-lived Can"t fake it once it come this organic I ain"t ever tried, it"s just natural, ha. Ns don"t require your tiny money
Chris Brown - take You down to "Take friend Down" by kris Brown: here we are all alone in this room (oh), and also girl i recognize where come start and what we gonna execute (yeah), I"ll take it my time we"ll be every night girl, So get ready babe I got plans because that me and you, it ain"t my very first time however babygirl we deserve to pretend,
Tory Lanez - The take it katifund.orgIt ain"t my first time, but baby girl, let"s get it in yeah Bump and grind, currently know i wanna take it you under again, yes Hit the rewind button, ohh permit me take it you down, really wanna take it you down, girlfriend down, you under Take you under right now You know I recognize how, oh whooaa Oooh yeah ns promise not to provide it come ...
Fabolous - last Time katifund.orgSorry infant girl i tried the best I could however if i can’t it is in in the roads I assumption: v heaven’s simply as great This is the critical time I recognize I"m around to drive you crazy critical time however I gotta watch my baby I know I swore that I"d never break her heart no much more (try to walk) yet I simply can’t leaving room girl She save calling me calling me
Rob Bailey & The Hustle typical - Square up ...This ain"t my an initial fucking time below Fuck it i tell "em ns can"t do it yet I"m lyin" ns tell "em ns can"t do it however I"m simply not fuckin" tryin" Nobody said me the The end was the end Tell that to yourself and also Tell it to a friend and if the friend Is a fucking girlfriend then"ll slap girlfriend in the face and tell girlfriend to acquire your fucking psychic straight
Plies - Shawty (girl Version) katifund.orgEver due to the fact that I Ran increase In Shawty She Ain"t been The Same. Also Though I"m not Your Man, You no My Girl Ima contact You my Shawty cause I Can"t was standing To check out You Treated poor I beat His Ass for My Shawty and also We Aint did Nothin That we Ain"t supposed To Do reason You mine Shawty Babygirl You recognize I it is in Home, keep Me ~ above The Ringtone Shawty song It to Me Girl
MK1 - be My baby katifund.organd ns don"t desire the pain the stress, overload the dead again its not the exact same My life"s so s*** there is no ya, that s*** there is no ya Is girlfriend is or is friend ain"t mine baby, phone call me carry out you need me, call me perform you choose me, phone call me do you want to hold me boo, call me carry out you wanna be my baby also Or to be i simply a dreamer, real big believer, yeah ns don"t wanna leaving ya
Russ - Waste mine Time to "Waste mine Time" by Russ. Yuh, don"t waste my time Yuh, don"t waste my Yuh, don"t waste my Yeah ... 15 vast Stars that Were backup Singers First; Don"t waste mine time ns ain"t acquired shit come say, i got world for the Don"t waste my time
Bad firm - Gone, Gone, unable to do katifund.orgIt ain"t the first time baby Baby it wont be the critical I"d far better get the boys round and do some drinkin fast reason she"s unable to do gone gone AI dont know if I"m happy ns don"t understand if I"m sad She"s gone gone gone ns dont recognize if I"ll cry i dont understand if I"ll die laughin the ain"t the first time infant Baby it wont be the last I"d much better get the boys round ...
Trey Songz - critical Time katifund.orghold up infant girl don"t talk, just listen. Let"s just make love, girl because that the last time. Yup, I said the last time, Girl this is the last time, all recorded up. And also it"s time to placed it down. You really got me trippin" host up infant girl just listen, this is the critical time. view the trouble is I"m also deep connected to be playin with your ...
Rose Royce - I"m Going down katifund.orgTime on my hands since you"ve been away boy ns ain"t gained no plan No, no, no, no. And the sound of the rain, against my windowpain. Is slowly, slowly driving me insane. Boy, I"m going under I"m going down "Cause girlfriend aint around, baby. My entirety world"s transforming upside under Sleep don"t come easy. Boy, please believe me.
Webbie - Shawty katifund.orgEven despite I"m not Your Man, You not My Girl Imma contact You mine Shawty cause I Can"t stand To see You Treated negative I to win His Ass because that My Shawty and also We Ain"t did Nothin That we Ain"t an alleged To Do cause You mine Shawty Babygirl You understand I it is in Home, save Me on The Ringtone Shawty song It come Me Girl so What"s Happenin Wit girlfriend Kinfolk
Fall the end Boy - Me and You (I"m prefer A Lawyer) come "Me and You (I"m prefer a Lawyer)" by loss Out Boy. Critical year"s wishes room this year"s apologies Every last time i come home I take it my last opportunity To burn a bridge or two
Ashley McBryde - rest It rapid katifund.orgI dislike to to speak it however its tough to disagree cause you"ll only organize me long enough to leave a note on me Won"t you leaving me infant let me clock you walk far Cause think me baby it might be what the gonna to take I"m not the very first and I"ve got a emotion I ain"t the critical So I require you to break my heart, aw baby break it rapid Oh...
Gary Allan - that Ain"t The Whiskey come "It Ain"t The Whiskey" by Gary Allan. Ns stood over there in the middle of the church the the brkoen world Watchin" to the go wounded call their story My revolve came ns told em" my surname I said this aint my very first time and also then a man started talking just how the devil and also the party was ruining my life through last night on my breath
Justin Bieber - infant katifund.orgAnd I simply can"t believe we ain"t together and also I wanna play the cool, yet I"m losin" you I"ll buy you anything, I"ll buy you any ring and I"m in pieces, baby solve me and just shiver me "til you wake up me indigenous this poor dream I"m walk down, down, down, down and also I just can"t believe my an initial love won"t be around and I"m favor Baby, baby, baby oooh
Trey Songz - last Time come "Last Time" by Trey Songz. "Songbook baby, I choose to give thanks to Mr. Bryan Michael Cox because that helping me highlight my feelings. It"s just gettin" too hot baby, it"s gettin" too hot."
T-Pain - I"m Sprung 3-mix come "I"m Sprung 3-mix" by T-Pain. I"m sprung, how"d she acquire me gained me doing things i"d never do, if you ain"t to be i"m telling you (you do, friend do, you do, girlfriend do, girlfriend do)(do x8) It"s something bout you that"s acquired me doing things I stated I never do. And I deserve to say i"m amazed, the means you put it top top me, exactly how you got me chasing you. And I can careless, ns don"t offer a damn, "cause check out you mine ...
Colt Ford - Cold Beer katifund.orgColt Ford "Cold Beer": ... Been functioning all day, bout all set to play. I done called all my boys and also they on your way. And also we ain"t goin residence til the sunlight come up, and if I"m too drunk to journey I"ll simply sleep in my truck Won"t it is in the an initial time, certain not the last. Acquired my eye on the blonde v the heart shaped ass
Chris Brown - Party katifund.orgBaby girl, you ain"t leavin" It"s my birthday with a cake Lick it all, allow me eat it traction up on your bitch call your guy I"m sorry (sor-sorry) Hunnit on my wrist Jumpin" out the "rari (jumping jumping out) Ooh, she fight the splits She know exactly how to party when I"m with my clique we know just how to party exactly how to party, yeah, we know just how to party
Billy Currington - turn off My Rocker katifund.orgWell we understand it ain"t the very first time We know it provided to it is in my past time and a pair times ago we agreed that was gonna be my critical time however I guess critical night ns plum forgot Who"s runnin" this show and also who"s no Oh i must"ve been turn off of mine rocker ns must"ve acquired some wires overcome To come in hear claimin" that from here on out I"m gonna be the boss
Ludacris - cross My psychic katifund.orgI love it as soon as you cross my mind, my mind, mine mind ns think about you all the time, every the time, all the time Girl ns cant get my mind turn off youoowhooo ns cant acquire my mind turn off you youowhoo i cant obtain my mind turn off youowhoo Girl its girlfriend no one but you cause You"re my baby girl. Ludacris My infant girl and I promise for you I"ll execute whatever
Rodney Crowell - the Ain"t Over however to "It Ain"t over Yet" by Rodney Crowell. It"s choose I"m sitting at a bus avoid waiting because that a train precisely how I acquired here is tough to describe My heart"s in the best place, what"s left of it i guess My love ain"t the problem, it"s my mind that"s a complete mess v these rickety old legs and also watery eyes
The Dells - The Love We had actually (Stays On mine Mind) come "The Love We had (Stays On my Mind)" by The Dells. Lately baby, i"ve been thinkin" how good it was when you were here and it ain"t the wine the i" ve been drinkin" for as soon as i feel my head is spinning but early this mornin", once i opened my eyes,
Chris Brown - mine Girl prefer Them girl"My Girl prefer Them Girls" (feat. J Valentine) let me start off by saying ... She don"t psychic flirting and also playing At least that"s what she say obtained off in the spot and I"m tripping She knows infant girl"s an initial name can it it is in something I"m absent Or am ns just part of the video game ... Critical Time with each other All turn off Life itself Sex Love one more You Boing ...
Bob Dylan - that Ain"t Me Babe katifund.orgGo away from my window Leave in ~ your very own chosen rate I"m not the one friend want, babe I"m not the one friend need. You speak you"re lookin" for someone Who"s never ever weak, however always solid To protect you and also defend you even if it is you are right or wrong. Someone to open each and also every door yet it ain"t me, babe No, no, no, the ain"t me, babe
The Weeknd - Kiss land katifund.orgYou can accomplish me in the room where the kisses ain"t complimentary You gotta pay through your body not really into kisses leading right into nothing ... Critical week to be my stormy week, I"m tho drippin" under from my sleep ... Quiet drippin" down from mine nose and I don"t know how to drive, ns make my driver gain high but If that goes under the one time, think my driver ...
Sammie - I"m him katifund.orgIm"ma do every little thing that ya male ain"t do Yeaah Babygirl i"m the Babygirl I"m Babygirl i"m the Yeaah Babygirl i"m the Babygirl i"m that Babygirl I"m Babygirl i"m him. Infant ill execute what that wouldn"t do better yet perform what that couldn"t do I"ll be him friend be her We"ll be cartridge proof If you operation out of bullets i"ll shoot because that you If castle shoot at my baby ...
Gary Allan - it Ain"t The Whiskey katifund.orgIt ain"t the whiskey. That ain"t the cigarettes. The ain"t the stuff ns smoke. It"s all these points I can"t forget. That ain"t the hard times. It ain"t the every nights. The ain"t the easy, "Cause it ain"t the whiskey that"s killin" me. I"ve done whatever to cancel this hurt inside, but I can"t to wash you off of my mind. that ain"t the whiskey.

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T.I. - That"s every She wrote katifund.orgBut if you gon" phone call me the the A&W ain"t the spot for the finest hot dogs You can acquire the F top top dawg. And on mine throne i remain, every alone in my roadway I"m as solid as the King, they were gone "fore lock came now I don"t wanna hang, ns slap 5 with lock rap guys They just wanna sabotage mine hustle shawty that"s why. Currently I don"t really treatment what ...
NLE Choppa - Forever katifund.orgSometimes I acquire up in my feelings I"m like "Damn, execute she love me?" fine on the outside, inside i think she ugly baby girl i take my time, i ain"t doin" no rushin" I put my tongue on her neck, on her cheek you be blushy. They speak forever ain"t forever, oh-oh yet I recognize it"s gonna critical "cause I found my treasure

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