Hairlicious Castor Oil Challenge! Why I"m doing The can be fried Level + IG Story Check-in TemplateThursday, October 11, 2018


That"s right! The Castor Oil difficulty has been resurrected and I"m so excited to start on October 14, 2018!
What inspired me to begin this an obstacle was a result of my current hair worries i.e. Thinning and also hair loss because of postpartum shedding. I"m right now 8 months postpartum and also my hair has actually been shedding for numerous weeks now. Due to the level of shedding I"ve been experiencing, my hair became thinner 보다 what I"m typically accustomed to, so ns figured a big trim (2-3" inches) would regain some fullness and also body back into my strands. And so far, it"s helped but I desire my length back! So, presenting a Castor Oil difficulty at this allude in time is perfect to help me in fostering hair growth, increasing fullness and most importantly - keeping me accountable! that course, i opted to join in at the can be fried Level this time around as the fits perfectly into my hair regimen. I want to go complete beast setting to restore length and also fullness into my hair.

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As always, mine Castor Oil challenges have various levels to accommodate participants who are new and/or experienced. I have the Basic, breakthrough and can be fried Level this year.


Ultimate Level: using Castor Oil come a clean scalp 2-3x/week. Add 1tsp the Castor oil to your deep conditioner.

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If it"s personal of her hair regimen to to wash 2x/week and also you"re act the ultimate Level, climate by all means, use the Castor Oil to her scalp each to wash day. However, if friend don"t wash her hair that often and also you room doing the ultimate Level, you perform not need to wash 3x/week to apply the Castor Oil. Just using the oil 2-3x/week to your scalp is perfectly fine.
Monthly check-ins will take ar on my IG profile. Participants are more than welcome come share any type of updates or development on her profile or stories making use of the hashtag #HairliciousCastorOilChallenge and also of food tag me (
So I’ve teamed up v Tropic Isle Living and also they to be gracious enough to offer Hairlicious Castor Oil difficulty participants 20% OFF their Jamaican black color Castor Oil using:
As discussed before, I"m hosting the challenge on Instagram (through my profile) and also for those that would like to administer a weekly update, I created a Weekly Check-in Instagram Story Template because that participants to fill out and also share through their followers and also other participants!
Personally, ns love this choice as I"m able to attach with you every on a weekly basis and also give you a quick update ~ above the standing of mine hair at different stages in the challenge. I created 5 colourful templates for you every to select from.
Check out the templates below and feel free to seize one (or all) by conserving the image and reposting that on her IG Stories starting October 21st, 2018 (1 week from the an obstacle start date). Oh and don"t forget come tag me (
hairlicious) in her weekly check-ins and also use the hashtag #HairliciousCastorOilChallenge for her future Castor Oil challenge posts!