From Dahmer"s an initial arrest come his eventual capture and also death, below are the key moments indigenous his 13-year reign of terror.

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From Dahmer"s first arrest to his ultimate capture and death, below are the vital moments native his 13-year power of terror.

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer shocked the civilization when he to be arrested in 1991, as lot for the heinous crimes he committed against his victims, together for the fact that he eliminated 17 men and also boys over an ext than 13 years without capture.

Well mannered, soft spoken and pleasant in appearance, Dahmer barely escaped arrest on many occasions throughout his murderous spree, in which he lured men frequently on society’s fringes ago to his residence where he would kill and also perform plot of necrophilia and cannibalism with their remains, frequently preserving body components as mementos. Details the Dahmer's crimes to be sourced from FBI files.

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Here’s a timeline that Dahmer’s murders—some of the most shocking ever before committed in contemporary history:

June 1978: Dahmer death his first victim

“I always knew the it was wrong. The an initial killing was no planned,” Dahmer told Inside Edition in 1993. “I was coming ago from the to buy mall ago in ’78. I’d had fantasies about picking increase a hitchhiker, and also taking him back to the house, and also having complete dominance and control over him.”

The hitchhiker was 18-year-old Steven Hicks, Dahmer’s very first victim. Dahmer took Hicks to his parent’s house in Ohio wherein he strangled and also beat him through a barbell before dismembering the body and also placing the in trash bags. “No one. No one had a clue as to what to be happening because that over a decade,” Dahmer said of what would certainly transpire adhering to his an initial killing.

Dahmer would not killing again till 1987. In the intervening year he had joined the army and also was stationed because that a time in Germany, at some point being discharged early out to troubles with too much drinking. The those ripe years there is no a victim, Dahmer stated the advice was constantly there; what that lacked were the right circumstances. “There just wasn’t an possibility to fully express what I wanted to do. There was just not the physical opportunity to execute it then.”

September 1981: Dahmer returns to Ohio adhering to a military discharge

Dahmer briefly returned to Ohio come live v his parents adhering to his armed forces discharge, however was arrested because that drunk and disorderly conduct, for which he was fined and also received a rely jail sentence. Hope his grandmother would be a tempering influence on their son's recurring drinking, Dahmer's parents sent him to live through her in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

August 1982: Dahmer is arrested

Arrested for indecently exposing self at Wisconsin State fair Park, Dahmer was convicted and also fined $50.


August 1986: that is charged with disorderly conduct

Arrested for masturbating in former of 2 boys, Dahmer said authorities that was just urinating. Charged with disorderly conduct, he to be sentenced to one year of probation and also to undergo counseling.

September 1987: Dahmer kills his next victim, nine years after his first

After taking Steven Tuomi, 24, back to a hotel room, Dahmer claims he awoke the complying with morning to find Tuomi dead together him in bed. Dahmer would later on tell authorities he had actually only planned on drugging Tuomi and had no recollection that beating him to death with his fists. Place the body in a suitcase, Dahmer transported it come his grandmother’s basement where, a main later, the dismembered it and placed the in the trash, other than for the head i beg your pardon he retained for a more week before boiling the in commercial detergent and also bleach, eventually pulverizing the brittle skull.

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October 1987: Dahmer lures in an additional victim 

Dahmer lugged 14-year-old James Doxtator to the basement that his grandmother’s house after promise him $50 in exchange because that posing because that nude photos. ~ drugging him, Dahmer strangled Doxtator, disposing of his body in comparable fashion to that of Tuomi.

March 1988: Dahmer meets his following victim outside a happy bar

Richard Guerrero met his killer external a Milwaukee gay bar. Dahmer readily available Guerrero $50 to go back to his grandmother’s house and spend the night through him. ~ drugging Guerrero with resting pills, Dahmer strangled him prior to performing sexual acts on the corpse. This time, Dahmer dismembered the body within 24 hours—but hiding his killings and also the dismemberments was becoming increasingly difficult.

September 1988: Dahmer is arrested for sex-related assault

Dahmer’s grandmother had become annoyed with his bringing men to her home late at night—and through the foul smells create from the basement—so she ultimately told that to move out. In ~ days the securing a one-bedroom apartment, Dahmer to be arrested and also charged through second-degree sex-related assault and also enticing a son for immoral objectives after luring 13-year-old Keison Sinthasomphone earlier to his apartment, where he drugged and also molested the boy prior to his to plan victim escaped, acquisition his story to the police. Dahmer invested a week in jail prior to being released on bail.

March 1989: After killing his 5th victim, Dahmer starts to save trophies

Aspiring model Anthony Sears, 24, became Dahmer’s fifth victim after they met in ~ a bar. Dahmer, fearing his apartment was being watched through the police, brought Sears come his grandmother’s basement to be drugged and strangled. Sears to be the an initial victim from who Dahmer took trophies, storing and also preserving Sears’ head and genitals, which he kept in a wood box. Because that a time, the stored package in his occupational locker.

May 1989: Dahmer is sentenced to 12 months in prison with occupational release

Sentenced to 12 month of jail time and also five years of probation because that second-degree sexual assault, Dahmer to be permitted work release in bespeak to save his project as a mixer in ~ Ambrosia coco Factory, while additionally being required to it is registered as a sex offender. Paroled from jail 2 months early, Dahmer rented an apartment in ~ 924 north 25th Street in Milwaukee.

May 1990: quickly after his release, Dahmer kills again

Just months after gift released indigenous jail, Dahmer eliminated Raymond Smith, a 32-year-old prostitute the had available $50 for sex. After ~ drugging smith at his phibìc 25th St. Apartment, Dahmer strangled him through his hands before taking Polaroid photos of the corpse in suggestive poses. Dismembering the human body in his bathroom, Dahmer boiled the remains, dissolving them in a container that acid other than for Smith’s skull, i beg your pardon he retained in a cabinet alongside Sears’ skull. When next-door neighbors complained that the smell emanating native his apartment, Dahmer told lock his refrigerator was broken and also he was wait to obtain it fixed.

June 1990: Dahmer kills again and attempts to preserve the body

After death 27-year-old Edward Smith, Dahmer check to maintain the human body by maintaining it in a freezer for number of months. The frozen corpse was ultimately discarded, v Dahmer informing authorities he was upset that did not acquire to keep any type of of Smith’s body components due to degradation in the freezer.


September 1990: Dahmer claims two more victims, however deviates indigenous his previous methods

Ernest Miller, 22, had actually his throat slashed after gift promised money to join Dahmer at his apartment. A absence of sleeping pills forced Dahmer to adjust his method of killing. Dahmer kept parts of Miller’s body to eat, other he was doing increasingly, and he painted and displayed Miller's head in his apartment.

Three mainly later, Dahmer killed 22-year-old David Thomas. Later, he claimed he pertained to realize throughout their encounter the he was not attracted come Thomas, but he tho drugged and killed him, climate disposed the his body, deliberately not keeping any kind of parts.

February 1991: A tenth victim is murdered

Dahmer choose up 17-year-old Curtis Straughter in ~ a bus stop, giving him money in exchange because that nude photos. Dahmer ongoing his rituals with his tenth victim: provides of cash come a stranger, drugging and strangling his victim before taking photos, dismembering and keeping body parts for cannibalism and also trophies. Complying with his arrest, Dahmer stated eating his victims was a compulsion, a means of “making me feeling they to be a component of me.”

April 1991: Dahmer attempts to placed a victim into a "zombie-like" state

After drugging 19-year-old Errol Lindsey, Dahmer drilled a hole in his skull, into which that poured hydrochloric acid in an attempt to develop what Dahmer would define as a “zombie-like” state in his victim. Lindsay regained consciousness prior to Dahmer drugged that further, and then strangled him and flayed the corpse through the intention of retaining Lindsey’s skin.

May 1991: He directly escapes capture

Dahmer’s following victim, 31-year-old Anthony Hughes, to be dead, however still intact on the floor as soon as he lured 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone to his north 25th St. Apartment. After photographing and also drugging Sinthasomphone, Dahmer again tried come render his victim brain dead by drilling right into his skull and inserting acid, leaving the drugged human body alongside Hughes’ corpse while he left the apartment for a couple of hours.

Returning in the at an early stage hours that the complying with morning, Dahmer discovered a groggy Sinthasomphone sitting external the apartment structure with 3 women huddled about him. Telling the females Sinthasomphone was his friend, Dahmer test to lead the boy back to the apartment come the dismay that the women, who informed Dahmer they had already called the police.

Dahmer eventually encouraged attending police the Sinthasomphone was his 19-year-old boyfriend and that they had quarreled after ~ drinking also much. Between protests indigenous the women, the officers escorted Dahmer and Sinthasomphone back to the apartment, whereby Dahmer produced the Polaroids he had actually taken previously as proof of your relationship. Categorizing the event as a domestic dispute, the three police officers left Sinthasomphone through Dahmer in the apartment, i m sorry they noted had a strange odor.

Dahmer when again drilled Sinthasomphone’s head and injected it with acid, this time with fatal results. Through coincidence, Sinthasomphone to be the younger brother of the young Dahmer had molested in 1988—a crime for which he was convicted—though according to Dahmer, he had no idea of your connection. ~ dismembering their bodies, Dahmer kept the skulls the both Hughes and Sinthasomphone.

June 1991: Dahmer lures in an additional victim v the promise of a photo shoot

Dahmer met 20-year-old Matthew Turner in Chicago and also persuaded that to travel to Milwaukee for a photo shoot. Once again, Dahmer drugged, strangled and also dismembered his victim, keeping the head and also internal offal in plastic bags in his freezer.

July 7-19 1991: Three much more victims are killed

Choosing an additional victim indigenous Chicago, Dahmer promised Jeremiah Weinberger, 20, a weekend far at his apartment in Milwaukee. Dahmer did no commit the murder till the day following their arrival, once Weinberger voiced his intention to leave.

Days later, after agreeing to pose nude, 24-year-old Oliver Lacy accompanied Dahmer back to his apartment, whereby Lacy was drugged and then administered chloroform over the course of a work in an attempt to render the alive, yet unconscious. After ~ strangling Lacy, Dahmer had actually sex through the corpse, storing the head and heart in the refrigerator and also the skeleton in a freezer.

Four work after murdering Lacy, Dahmer was fired indigenous his job. The exact same day, Dahmer lured Joseph Bradehoft, 25, to his apartment, strangling him and laying the human body on the bed where it continued to be for two days. He then placed Bradehoft’s head in the refrigerator.

July 22, 1991: Dahmer's killing spree concerns an end

Two Milwaukee police policemans were flagged under by one agitated guy with handcuffs attached at one wrist. Tracey Edwards, 32, told the policemans a “freak” had actually placed the handcuffs top top him and also that he had actually spent the much better part the the evening trying to escape from a adjacent apartment wherein he was being organized captive.

Dahmer had met Edwards previously that day, and persuaded the to companion him come his apartment. Upon entering, Edwards immediately noticed a foul smell and also stacked crate of hydrochloric acid. Dahmer had tried to location handcuffs top top Edwards, succeeding only in fastening one wrist prior to he brandished a knife, pulling Edwards towards the bedroom whereby Dahmer claimed he plan to take nude pictures.

Continually repeating he to be Dahmer’s “friend,” Edwards waited till his captor had actually a lapse of concentration whereupon the punched Dahmer in the face. In the confusion Edwards fled v the prior door, eventually flagging under the police car.

Upon their arrival at his apartment, Dahmer invited the attending officers inside, admitting it was he who had actually placed the handcuffs top top Edwards and also that the secrets were in his nightstand. On beginning the bedroom, one officer i found it a partially open drawer filled v Polaroid images of countless bodies in differing claims of dismemberment. Brandishing the images, the officer returned to the living room, supposedly saying come his partner: “These room for real.”

Seeing the images, Dahmer attempted to escape, yet was conveniently subdued by police, who immediately called for assistance. As soon as authorities opened up Dahmer’s frozen refrigerator door, they found the severed head the a black male on the bottom shelf.

Authorities would find four other severed top in Dahmer’s kitchen, two person hearts in the refrigerator, seven skulls in Dahmer’s bedroom, also as an entire human torso in his freezer. Additional investigation in ~ the apartment would reveal maintained sexual organs, two entire skeletons, severed hands and a additional three torsos submerged in acid.

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Asked following his arrest if he to be glad it was over, Dahmer stated he was no glad, the he liked his lifestyle and also found it “exciting and thrilling,” according to FBI files. As soon as authorities asked Dahmer if it would certainly be feasible to lead a common life if the were ever before released, the murderer responded that the ideal place for him was prison—because if he ever got out, he would go right back to the exact same behavior, consisting of killing. Sentenced to 16 consecutive life terms, Dahmer was killed by other prison inmate Christopher Scarver in 1994.