Greetings This weeks pick is from Jessica Reedy for her debut CD ” indigenous The Heart” Its called “God has actually Smiled ~ above Me”

Every so regularly an artist increase that catches our attention, provides us sit up and take keep in mind of what pure talent and also anointing looks and sounds like. Jessica Reedy is truly among those artists … one listen and also you will never forget the voice.

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Reedy an initial came come our attention on the national TV vain BET’s Sunday Best. She to visit the Season 2 Sunday best audition in Washington DC on a whim to support a friend. She quickly uncovered herself in the peak 20 onto the show’s main stage performing for judges mary Mary and Bebe Winans. Reedy made it all the method to finals eventually being named runner up. Throughout that procedure and the subsequent loss, self-doubt crept in. When Reedy never thought she had the talent to make it, God offered the totality that the experience to carry her into her speak to as both one artist and also minister that music.

“My insecurities, mine fears, mine guilt and also pain were every brought prior to me – the things I believed I had actually let go. Ns learned for this reason much about myself during and also after Sunday Best. Ns learned how tiny my faith was in God and His abilities … despite my shortcomings God still proved HIMSELF come me,” said Reedy. “I started discovering just how much HE love me, cared because that me, and how HE believed of me as HIS beloved. Ns learned how much ns didn’t know about myself.”

Since the 2009 finale, Reedy has actually seen God lug her into His promise. She had the ability to extricate herself from contractual agreements the would allow her to sign a record attend to Light Records and also is currently poised to relax FROM THE love this September. It was the moment after the finale that has become most transformative because that Reedy.

Said Reedy, “I supplied my time and also efforts spent in between the Sunday best Finale and also my record attend to Light documents toward my find for answers. Ns sought God for my true purpose, the vision He had for me to meet … ‘why ns was selected, what He wanted me to say and also do. It to be a time full of questions, waiting and of course HIS answers. He brought brand-new people into my life … helped me kind a an excellent team … there to be a many praying, crying, singing, and also most importantly learning and also listening.”

The end result is a clean direction for her music ministry and artistry – and a beautifully sound album that showcases Reedy’s gift flawlessly. Over there is miscellaneous old-school about FROM THE HEART in a method that harkens earlier to a time once you played the totality album over and over, and you couldn’t acquire enough. FROM THE HEART recalls a time, once music and also records to be both engaging and also entertaining.

There is an superior quality come Jessica Reedy the belies she young age and anchoring the all together is she one-of-a-kind voice and incomparable range. The minute you hear that low register you recognize you’re evil something quite special. The command of she gift is amazing as heard top top her first single, “God has Smiled top top Me.” The song offered listeners a taste of what Reedy is qualified of. And the present radio favorite, this summer’s quit “Put that On The Altar,” was co-written by Reedy and also speaks come a systems to our problems and situations.

On FROM THE HEART Reedy phone call on the assistance of bevy that producers and also artists girlfriend to do her debut a standout. Among the truly beautiful noteworthy tracks room “So In Love with You (Amazing),” “When ns Close my Eyes” featuring Doc Powell, which Reedy co-wrote and produced with renowned songwriters James “Big Jim” Wright and also Daniel Moore. ‘Super-producer’ Warryn Campbell lent his producer talent to several tracks including “Still Here,” “Marching On” and “Doctor Love.”

Industry pals The heart Seekers appear on the great Quartet-esque “Still Here,” written through Doug Williams, wherein Reedy matches vocals through lead singer, Teddy Campbell. Reflecting musical savvy and switching gears, Reedy likewise offers the ultra Disco-esque “Doctor Love,” a re-do the the 70’s run floor standard by the exact same name. Impressive songstress Faith Evans joins Reedy ~ above the song that makes you want to put on roller skates and give the praise.

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But most prominent on FROM THE HEART is “Blue God,” a profoundly moving song speak to our selfishness in our relationships v God. Penned and also produced by fellow rising star Mali Music, the tune evokes feeling of sadness, the heaviness and also sultry approach by Reedy provide the track literal and figurative weight.

A true testament to Reedy’s faith, the release of FROM THE HEART is an indication the a blossoming long career. “As a minister that music, HE showed me how vital it is to recognize HIS indigenous … that it is the word of God that would draw, heal, deliver, protect and also save HIS people,” stated Reedy. “He’s teaching me about the prominence of faith and simply believing and trusting everything HE says.”

Jessica Reedy is plainly an original, v a vocal format and an individual charisma the is all about love, honesty, praising God and also embracing she purpose. “I would have actually to describe my music as ‘heart songs’ said Reedy. “It’s music from mine heart about the One ns love the MOST. I don’t really understand the style or group it fits in … it’s simply me.”