Company NameStock Ticker SymbolMarket The form of stock that has actually been issued for this symbol. The many prevalent stock varieties are common, preferred, restricted, and also fund.">Type
Jetcom in ~ (PK)JTCMFOTCMarketsCommon Stock

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Price ChangePercent adjust is the portion difference contrasted to the previous close. Percent change is calculate by (current price - previous near price) / previous near price * 100.">Change PercentStock PriceLast Traded

The price of this defense at the start of the most recent industry trading session.">Open PriceThe lowest price Jetcom (PK) (JTCMF) stock reached during the most recent industry session">Low PriceThe highest possible price Jetcom (PK) (JTCMF) share reached throughout the most recent market session.">High PriceClose PricePrev Close

The greatest quoted price who is willing to to buy at">Bid Price The shortest quoted price someone is ready to market at">Ask PriceThe spread price is the different in between the ask and the bid. An ext Market Makers(MM) suggests a tighter spread while under MM generally results in a more comprehensive price spread.">SpreadNews

the time of the last executed trade">Last trade Time kind Quantity share Price Currency
- 0 $0.0004 USD

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PeriodOpenHighLowVWAPAvg. Everyday VolChange%
1 Week0.00040.00040.00040.00041,1000.000.0%
1 Month0.010.01020.00020.007883148,344-0.0096-96.0%
3 Months0.00460.01390.00020.006832627,646-0.0042-91.3%
6 Months0.00420.0290.00020.007169824,040-0.0038-90.48%
1 Year0.00550.0350.00020.007067924,450-0.0051-92.73%
3 Years0.00010.270.00010.006467121,9590.0003300.0%
5 Years0.0250.270.00010.009591536,106-0.0246-98.4%

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