Jim Jones Jumps Ship To Roc Nation, Says 'We Can Move Past the BS' + Young M.A Is The Face Of FADER's Sex Issue, Here's Why

Jim Jones has actually officially jumped over to the Roc Nation team, and he"s explaining why. Deets inside on his brand-new deal, plus why rapper Young M.A is the face of FADER"s Sex Issue...

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Jim Jones officially announced today that Roc Nation will take care of all company endeavors on his behalf. Yep, he signed with the Roc for a administration deal sanctioned by Jay Z, OG, and Ty Ty.

We"re told Roc Nation will certainly overwatch all Jim Jones platcreates including music, fashion, acting and also even more. Shocker? Yup!

When the pic over hit the net last night, folks lost their ish. There"s a long standing beef in between Dipset (which Jim Jones has been a component of for decades together with his homies - currently fradversaries - Cam"Ron and also Juelz Santana) and Rocafella which has morphed right into Roc Nation. Sure, they were all when one massive Roc-A-Fella family members at various points in time, yet both empires have actually had a volatile partnership since the 90"s. Get that timeline HERE.

And so the saga continues.

Jim Jones chose to job-related with Roc Nation bereason, he claims, it"s a very family oriented company.

“The fact that human being are all set to foracquire the previous and also help me move fwd to the next action of my career is extremely motivating,” shelp Jim Jones. “As you obtain older you realize that many of your peers are either dead or in jail. The fact that we deserve to relocate pass the BS is a testimony of just how much we have grown.”

Wow. So, there"s that. Congrats to Jimmy on the new deal!


In various other rap news, The FADER announces its first-ever before Sex Issue. The print concern hits newsstands March 7th and it made "Ooouuu" rapper Young M.A the cover chick.

It"s an amazing move as she"s mainstream rap"s initially openly gay artist. And she holds nothing back when it involves sexuality in her lyrics.

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Here"s the highlights.

Young M.A on being mainstream rap’s first openly gay artist: “If I change people’s lives, that’s all that matters to me. I don’t want to be the first ‘dyke rapper,’ ‘aggressive rapper.’ I don’t treatment for that … I hear from all various civilization, not simply world favor me, or lesbians. It be directly human being, it be grown males, it be grvery own womales, people that have been sick or depressed that say, ‘Oh, you made me desire to go execute what I want to do for myself and also chase my dreams.’ That’s my function.”On criticisms about misogyny in her music:“At the finish of the day, men have the right to be described the very same means as males define women. A guy have the right to be a ho, simply as much as a woman deserve to be a ho. And I’m a woguy myself! I respect woguys. I respect my mommy.”On being gay in New York: “Life is as well short. I have to just be myself, express myself. In New York City, it’s popular. I used to think to myself, Man, there’s most gay human being out here. And it had me comfortable, it was choose, I have the right to be myself! I provided to still try to hide it, till it was really overwhelming — there were simply as well much girls attracted to me!”On her next project:“I know human being are looking forward to an album from me, however I don’t think it requirements to be rumelted either. Nowadays albums don’t come out as constant as they used to, so I’m not also sure if I’ma drop an album as shortly as civilization would certainly think. I’m simply trying to go off a vibe: how they feeling this, how they feeling that?”