I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the collection of The Void Between Us in Albuquerque, New Mexico when they were filming in 2015. I was able to be on set while they filmed two scenes and also likewise exceptionally happy to have had the opportunity to talk to the director, producer and cast of the film in between shoots.

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For a refresher on the film, here’s an short article I composed about the ‘5 Things You Need To Know About The Void Between Us‘, this was earlier then when tright here wasn’t also a trailer around!

The movie release is best roughly the edge (February 3rd 2017 to be exact) and here are some more fun facts that I learned from filming.

Asa Butterfield Storms Into Chemistry Class 

Gardner (Asa Butterfield) is a character born in outer room, humale for all intents and functions, but due to his lack of humale call, does not understand basic huguy interactivity. For this particular scene, his character goes to visit Tulsa (Britt Robertson) while she’s at school, and makes a scene once he storms into her classroom and her teacher asks him if he’s a carry student to which he replies “Okay” since he doesn’t understand social cues. It was quite funny to check out the scene unfold also after many kind of takes to gain the best one. To my surprise, as part of the cast of the movie in this classroom scene YouTuber Joey Graceffa and also Viner Lele Pons were also current.


Wbelow Can We Get Those Futuristic Looking Computers?


When the movie comes out, I’ll examine ago on this short article to view the innovation they offered in the movie because it looked badass. Remember the movie is in the near future, wbelow phones and computers can be transparent, kind of hologram-like. In the second scene I was able to check out, Tulsa is in class chatting with Gardner, that apparently still seems to be on Mars. This scene is actually in the second trailer of the movie.

Curiosity Might Have Killed The Cat, but Brought Gardner and Tulsa Together

When asked about Tulsa and Gardner’s connection, Britt said “When they initially fulfill each various other digital, they’re both an outlet for one one more, they’re both utilizing each various other, if you will, to build a link of some type. Thunstable that connection, that inspires my character to gain to know him a small even more and then meeting each various other in perboy for the first time. He’s whatever she’s trying to find bereason he’s not whatever that she knows. He’s bizarre, weird naive, and also there’s somepoint really endearing about those qualities. He doesn’t seem prefer a danger because he’s not someone who is not going to hurt her“.

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What Is Your Favorite Thing About Earth?

As I discussed to you guys in my previous post, the film is not so much about external area, however even more about what it implies to be human. Back when I checked out the set, I just knew briefly what the movie was about from a description from the studio and also then what I learned from talking to the cast and also crew. From the trailers alone, it appears like the vision the director and also producer had involved life and also I can’t wait to see the last product when it’s released.