A1Main Title / Trees To Dogs3:11
A2Mrs. White0:46
A3Miss Scarlet / Car In Progress1:49
A4May I Present Mr. Boddy1:46
A5I Suggest We All Leave / Fight, You Bastard / Hallmeans Screaming Next Door1:16
A6Bag In Hall2:45
A7The Chef Chase / Boddy's Fall / We'll Throw It Away0:52
A8Stranger At Front Door / Match Cutting / People In Hall2:37
A9Mrs. Peacock And Plum / Death Bridge / Bridge, White & Wadsworth / Billiard Cue Grab / Go Together1:53
A10I'll Search The Kitchen / Workdesk, Fire, Weapons / Let's Try The Conservatory / I've Had A Good Life2:04
A11Door Pounding To Chandelier Fall1:32
A12Gun, Cupboard, Doorbell / Cop Panics1:14
A13Yvette Upstairs To Bell1:32
B1Step By Tip - Intro / Tip By Step2:08
B2Remember What Happened Next - Part I, II, III / Don't You See? Look! - Part I, II, III1:59
B3I'll Get To That / Beatnik1:14
B4Ending A: Your Fatal Mistake / I Swarm Her / Cavalry2:32
B5Ending B: Yvette To We All Ran To Her / To Check That Mr. Boddy Was Dead / Who, Who, Who / Cavalry1:36
B6Ending C: Top To You Were / Peacock At Door1:07
B7End Title3:01
Bonus Cues
B8Main Title (Alternative 1)1:30
B9Miss Scarlet / Car In Progress (Alternate)1:47
B10Main Title (Alternating 2)1:32
B11Peacock At Door (Alternate)0:32
B12Main Title (Alternate 3)1:40
B13End Title (Shorter Version)1:40
B14Main Title (Alternative 4)1:50

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Available for the initially time ever on vinyl, pressed on six different colored 180 Gram documents. The colors correspond to each of the suspects; Miss Scarlett (red), Mrs. Peacock (blue), Mrs. White (white), Mr. Eco-friendly (green), Prof. Plum (purple), and also Col. Mustard (yellow). Each color is restricted to 250 duplicates.Comes in a poly bag with hype sticker, no shrink-wrap.Includes 1-web page front and also back "CONFIDENTIAL" insert featuring credits and tracklisting.

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Barcode (Sticker, external sleeve): 616892289142Matrix / Runout (Side A, stamped): 122993E1/A MOND-045Matrix / Runout (Side B, stamped): 122993E2/A MOND-045