For five seasons, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele provided laughs for Comedy Central viewers and blew up even more on YouTube.


Beating out "P*ssy on the Chainwax," this sketch is extremely silly and features a great performance by Keegan-Michael. Unfortunately, this is also the most nightmarish skit in, maybe, the whole series.

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This one edged out "Office Homophobe" and the East/West sequel. The fact the man the shady landlord is looking for keeps getting smaller in Keegan-Michael"s description is a hilarious gag. Plus, who doesn"t like a cane sword?

Another tension-filled skit executed in brilliant and ridiculous fashion.

It also has a nice Mr. Garvey reference in there.

Keegan-Michael"s ignorance of what is happening is truly believable. Each song get progressively worse, and Jordan"s attitude toward the whole situation is excellent.

Maybe the most infuriating sketch in the whole show. It pained me to leave off "Gremlins 2," but this one just feels different from all their other skits.

I always imagine my cat looking at my food asking, "Why"s this not for me? Why?"

This one is an intense ride; but from Jordan"s telemarketer voice to Keegan-Michael"s anger, it is a solid sketch.

Keegan-Michael"s way of mocking a child while going, "I"m Jimmy," is enough to make a couple of the child actors break character.

The initial reveal to the gag in this sketch is by far the best part. The whole thing is pretty funny, but the first little flinch is too much.

I imagine Keegan-Michael gave himself a headache making his head bobble the way it did in this sketch.

This barely beat out the boarding group sketch, but this had a wholesome ending. Dare I say...a good ending.

-stares and waits-


If there are more roles for a nervous mafia boss, hire Jordan Peele. A predictable skit, but still very funny.

Wholesome a weird, weird way. MC Mom is fantastic, her flow is growing, and it includes a Chainwax throwback.

I loved the "Undercover Boss" sketch with Joseph, but this one was simply funnier and way more original.

I"m sorry "Soul Food" fans, but this sketch killed me when I first saw it.

If you don"t know, these are two real people pretending; so when I realized where this was going, I lost it.

I love the original Carlito sketch more, but this one is also pretty great. They might be gangsters, but they are very honest and supportive of Carlito... He"s just not loco...maybe zany or goofy.

The little ticks these two thought of for their characters are too funny.

I love their little run at the end, but one of the more underrated lines in the whole show was when Keegan-Michael takes his hands off the wheel and Jordan nervously replies, "Yeah, ten and two, Douglas."

A Season 1 sketch that really stood out and emphasized they would create more and more surreal cinematic segments.

A parody of that infamous "leprechaun sighting" news clip. My laugh goes to the man who would feel safer if the Pegasus was put down.

A simple but effective sketch about how two types of people feel about marriage. Some of these wedding ideas are great enough to make me want to attend.

Another early sign that Jordan and Keegan-Michael are masters of comedy. Being able to make a slave auction sketch funny only shows their ability to make hilarious characters in outlandish situations. "My question is: How did they catch him?"

I had seen the original video this is based on; so as soon as the sketch started and I saw Jordan, I was in tears.

From the unexpected reference at the end to some of the crowd members breaking character as Jordan is dragged off, this was prime Key & Peele.

A terrible...awful...genius sketch. I"ve cried during a lot of these, but when Keegan-Michael finally delivers his insult to Jordan, I didn"t even watch the rest of the sketch originally. It was that mean.

The name-calling. The not-quite-right mustache. The aggression. It all works.

I want more people to use "I don"t give a hobo"s hate..." in daily discussions.

"Do I look like Mel Gibson?"

How can anyone hate Meegan? This seemed like the perfect first date for these two.

"He"s just a waiter." -stink eye-

Not as into Wendell as everyone else, but this first sketch of him was pretty great. Keegan-Michael"s performance is quite underrated.

As someone who has worked on news sets before, this one destroyed me.

Watching anyone struggle with a lav mic is funny, but the way this all unfolds with Youthful Commerce is fantastic from beginning to end.

"...where is Jerry?"

I"d like to think this exact exchange actually happened between Jordan and Keegan-Michael, and then they decided to make a sketch out of it.

"You mean like Atlanta."

I love the "Deez Nutz" sketch and its silliness; but other than the social commentary for this wonderful utopia for black people, Jordan"s character "Wally" is too good. His passive-aggressive comments, while he tries to sing, get me every time.

"Yeah, but seriously, shut the f*ck up!" (all while smiling)

There is a bias here. I was on a plane while this episode was on, and I was hyperventilating. Mark with a "K" keeping the same expression during all the chaos really hammered this sketch home for me.

A parody of dancing shows, specifically So You Think You Can Dance, and it nails how all these shows require the underdog story.

Unfortunately, this sketch ruined the name "Joseph" for me.

"Jo...seph. Joseph."

"...get our Bergeron."

I hate that I love this sketch. It is so dumb but filled with quotable lines. For sure, the best sketch of Season 5.

Maybe the defining sketch of Key & Peele. I remember first seeing this and expecting it to go inside, but having the whole skit on the porch with Keegan-Michael doing the weirdest MJ impression ever makes this an all-time classic.

When I think of the spirit of Jordan and Keegan-Michael"s comedy, this one comes to mind.

Maybe the best ensemble cast in the whole show. Everyone really commits to their roles in this one, and the finished product really roasts families that can"t wrap their heads around a gay wedding.

Is that Lily from the AT&T commercials? Why yes it is, and she"s part of one of the funnier sketches.

Jordan"s character is a vampire purist and his over-the-top persona clashing with Keegan-Michael"s laid-back character is money. I had to leave "Cat Poster" off, though, which hurt my little heart.

"Spread the meat!"

The best sequel sketch in the Key & Peele series.

Even more dramatic than the first "Slap-Ass," this one is an emotional roller-coaster.

"We"re gonna need a bigger boat."

I say, "I said that!" almost every day.

This one really makes you feel bad for Joe, but unfortunately, he will never be Troy.

This one sketch evolved into so many little ones, and it is such a simple concept.

This sketch has been watched so many times, people forget to appreciate the Dan Smith gag at the end.

The OG Key & Peele sketch.

I still remember seeing it for the first time, and being a fair-weather fan of comedy, remembered both Jordan and Keegan-Michael from MADtv.

This skit is too funny and all too true when it comes to guys trying to talk big game behind their spouses" backs.

"You done messed up, A-A-Ron!"

Maybe the most quotable sketch for the fanbase. Mr. Garvey truly deserves his own movie, and Coach Hines from MADtv should be in it, too.

Life has consequences, especially for this assembly speaker.

From his dance to signify the cool kids on the streets late at night, to the weird emphasis on certain words, this sketch kills me every time.

"I"m not done with my STORY!"

"What will you think of next, Germany."

"It"s like Go-Gurt, but to stay."


I could go on, but my word, this sketch almost got the top spot.

This was a hard decision because I know a lot of people prefer the sequel to this, but I had to go with the original.

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I would put this up there with any legendary SNL sketch and the Chapelle Show"s "Wayne Brady" sketch. This is gold and doesn"t rely on gags too much: just the ridiculousness of the situation as a whole.

What sketch did I leave off the list? Do you think something else should be at the top? Leave your favorite sketches in the comments, especially if it was snubbed.