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“If all of the kings had their majesties on the throne, we would certainly pop champagne and also raise a toast” ̶ or in ~ least, that’s what Ava Max says.

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Regardless, several of the most flashy and iconic designs room those royalty, in all the regal clothing and also blinged-out headpieces.

So if you desire that same royalty in your Minecraft game, i have tracked under a bunch of skins you have the right to use come strut her stuff together a king or queen.

Hail come the King, baby!

1. Elf Queen


Check out This Skin

Many aristocracy skins are based in fantastical human beings – and also this elf queen skin is amongst them.

Looking choose the prime depiction the noble regality and also elven grace, this skin is perfect for any kind of fantasy fans amongst the Minecraft fanbase.

The gradients of blue highlighted through gold all complements the fair skin and also hair.

If you desire to elegant your following server through fantastical regality, this is definitely one method to go.

Just be wary of any Nordic dwarves nearby.

2. Gold Queen


Check out This Skin

If you the kind to evaluate minimal beauty beauty in your royal ensemble, this skin is precious checking out.

A straightforward skin for a an easy queen:

It features a clean white dress with gold trimming, an easy gold bands ~ above the hands and arms, and a simple golden crown tiara atop her gorgeous head.

Along v the dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes, this style leans in the direction of Greco-Roman origin, without diving as well much right into the aesthetic.

This is a prime skin for the minimalistic queen in your Minecrafter circle.

3. Lord of the Cube


Check out This Skin

We’re every still young in ~ heart, right?

Well this is because that the younger queens out there that want to look an ext battle-ready than diplomatic.

With fair skin and hair, irradiate eyes, and also a dark palette for the outfit, this architecture would blend in seamlessly with any medieval fantasy server.

Plus v a an easy tarnished crown, pauldron on one shoulder, and also cape ~ above the other, alongside the rough leather boots, you can tell this is a very adventurous king.

For the regal male that can not be content with sitting ~ above a throne every day, this skin screams “royal adventurer” come the greatest of heavens.

4. The Emerald Queen


Check the end This Skin

So this one is likely much more named because that the emerald-embezzled crown, yet either method it’s a much more minimalistic queen than the golden skin stated earlier.

And we still gain that Greco-Roman inspiration here as well.

Wearing a level white toga/dress and dark blonde hair in a loosened braid, every alongside fair skin and light eyes, this is a ceiling bars queen.

Not to cite it reflects a bit much more skin too, as the shoulders and also one leg are in the open up on the side.


But with the most decorative attribute being the gold crown showcasing that big emerald in the front, I’d say any kind of royal deserve to rock this casual style.

5. Royal King


Check out This Skin

As the many regal and showy the the skin on this list, this is the picture of medieval fantasy kings.

Colorful, an elaborate robes, gold embellishments, finely trimmed facial hair, and also a wrecking crown top top top.

Yep, this architecture really feels like the true “King of all the Lands”.

Any well leader that a kingdom or military could stay this skin in its glory, and also lead their Minecraft pressures into the unknown (and hope to victory).

Just make sure not to damage that robe, my liege – dried cleaning bills room ridiculous today.

6. Angry Queen (Snow White)


Check out This Skin

What’s a perform of imperial skins there is no a bit of evil blended in?

And what more iconic queen might we attribute besides the evil Queen of Disney mythos?

This features specific representation the the evil Queen indigenous the classic Disney man movie “Snow White”, in all her purple and black glory.

From the smoky purple eyeshadow and dress, come the dark cape and matte crown, this will certainly stun on any type of server you popular music into.

Just watch out for falling rocks ~ above your next spelunking adventure – simply a warning.

7. Daenerys the Conqueror


Check the end This Skin

“I will do what queens do. I will rule.”

And rule you will, if kicking roughly in villages and caverns in this dark Daenerys skin!

This is the closest & most accurate depiction of The Dragon Queen Daenerys from video game of Thrones the I’ve watched to day (in Minecraft).

From the irradiate off-white hue of the hair and also skin, to the dark eyes and equally dark warrior queen ensemble, this high fantasy skin is fitting for the more ruthless and cunning queens.

Slap this on and lead your tamed dragons come victory and conquest.

Even Creepers will bow come The Dragon Queen!

8. King Pig Noah


Check the end This Skin

You can probably tell the this is a mix the intriguing and hilarious.

You obtain a pretty dapper ensemble v a blingy crown, mute colors, and a… pig face?

That’s right, King Noah right here is pork royalty. And your villagers will certainly respect him as a leader of those succulent breed boy you’ve kept locked up in fences for eons.

And to prove his top tier position, this high-brow hog also brandishes large tusks from beneath his snout to present his age.

While the pig challenge does litter one with a loop, the skin is still really stylish – and more than suitable for Minecraft aristocracy to don.

Onwards to free the swine from their wood prisons – in the surname of King Noah!

9. Wandering King


Check the end This Skin

Having nobility willing come go the end on adventures hasn’t to be a thing due to the fact that the olden job of King Arthur.

Now castle sit about being boring politics figures.

Well no an ext of that in the boundaries of Minecraft, where also kings can wander the expanses of any kind of world.

This particular design is very humble for a king, but it’s likewise what one would think of royalty fitted to traverse such distances as those in Minecraft.

Wearing just a basic silver crown and also the ideal travelling apparel in the land, every while keeping dark hair groomed and in place, this regal hero is prepared to take on the hordes that undead and the deepest pits that the Nether.

Venture on, my liege!

10. EnderKing


Check out This Skin

In mine searches for Minecraft skins of royalty, nothing else has actually struck me as so installation in both design and also lore.

This Enderman King skin is deceivingly simple.

But it bears its load in diamonds considering exactly how fitting the is because that a Minecraft setting.

This EnderKing is embellished in iron, gold, and also purple cloth, most likely dyed through the aboriginal chorus fruit of The end – every one of which compliment his pitch-black skin and stunning purple eyes.

The is a king much more than fitting for the duty of hero in numerous tales in Minecraft.

You’ll be experimenting into the expanses the the Overworld, Nether, and beyond, all in a skin that truly feel canon.

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