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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Band also of Bastards Walkthrough & Achievements

Band of Bastards is the 3rd DLC introduced for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In it you are tasked by your liege lord the roam the Bohemian countryside through a bunch of mercenaries, to spreview peace and also order in a realm that is ravaged by war and filled through cutthroats, thieves and also brigands.

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To start the search you will have to have completed Baptism by Fire. Sometime thereafter you’ll get a prompt that you have the right to check out Sir Radzig concerning these risks lurking on the provincial roads. Go see him at his usual residence in Pirkstein Castle (or if he’s in his fight camp: near Merhojed).

He’ll tell you just how he doesn’t have sufficient guys to save the roads safe, but, he did newly fulfill up through an old acquaintance Sir Kuno of Rychwald and his mercenary band also consisting mostly of former convicts. All qualified males, they just require a guide to save them from ending up being also disorderly. Seems choose you’re the best man for the appropriate project, so head out to the mercenary camp that is located between Rattay and also Ledetchko.

Band of Bastards DLC

Band also of Bastards is the overarching search for this DLC that provides the structure for five smaller sized, sepaprice, side-pursuits. The progression of the quest is as follows:

1. Go to Kuno’s encampment2. Prove you’ve obtained what it takes by beating Dangler in combat3. Ride out on the first mission. Kuno desires to leave during daylight → Bad Blood4. Meet with Kuno in the encampment5. Ride out one the second mission → Uninvited Guests6. Meet through Kuno in the encampment7. Ride out one the 3rd mission → A Tight Spot8. Meet via Kuno in the encampment9. Ask about Jacrucial at the Inn in the Glade → Thirty Pieces10. Meet through Kuno in the encampment11. Ride versus Hagen Zoul! → What Price Honour?12. Report to Sir Radzig

The Beginning And End

The initially objective is to Go to Kuno’s encampment. Not to hard, simply head out of Rattay, cross the river at the Mill, take the first or the second road to the left and also after a short while you must view Sir Kuno’s tents. Approach the encampment and a cutscene starts.

Heinrich approaches The Stone but doesn’t seem able to obtain as well a lot out of him. Luckily, Jakey involves the rescue and leads him across camp, presenting Heinrich to the Bearguy brothers, Petr and also Jan, and ultimately The Chief. However before, Sir Kuno doesn’t choose taking dead weight so first Harold Heinaffluent hregarding prove his mettle against Dangler.

Proving what you’ve obtained by beating Dangler isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Just store your guard up and hit hit him a couple of times and also he need to yield. Make sure not to offer him time to gain a Master Strike at you, or you can loose. If you execute, just talk to Sir Kuno aacquire for a recomplement against the Dangler. Once you beat him you deserve to talk to the civilization about camp or go on a mission by talking to Sir Kuno.

Be certain to complete any impressive service (such as the Ring of Bacchus business) before the last mission. Whereas your companions are noted crucial in the time of most of the Band of Bastards quest they have the right to die during the last mission. Also: if all your companions acquire incapacitated during any mission the Band of Bastards search will fail and also you need to repack.

Quest Overview

You deserve to earn a total of salso success. Two are connected with the Ring of Bacchus game and the other five are quest-connected. Two of the achievement-Pinky Promise and also Torturer are mutually exclusive.

#Quest nameObjectivesAchievements
Band of BastardsOverarching questline
Ring of BacchusAssistance the companions to gain possession in this game concerning the fabulous Ring of Bacchus.Lost Trinket, Game Over
Bad BloodPatrol the location close to Merhojed through Sir Kuno and also his band also and also investigate the goings-on at a neighborhood farmTracker
2.Uninvited GuestsGo on a night patrol near Uzhitz via Sir Kuno and also his band also and also defend a local millChivalrous Soul
3.A Tight SpotRide out to Sasau via Sir Kuno and his band and investigate the unfamiliar horsemen
4.Thirty PiecesGo discover Jacrucial at the Inn in the Glade and also find out what he knowsPinky Promise, Torturer
5.What Price Honour?Ride out via Sir Kuno against Hagen Zoul near Samopesh!Mercenary’s Honour

Achievement Overview

Chivalrous SoulPersuade Kuno to assault the mill ideal away

Hints: During the second mission (Uninvited Guests) the firm is approached by a refugee from an ongoing attack. Sir Kuno desires to wait till the attackers are drunk. For the accomplishment you have to convince him to attack right ameans (speech 7 or charisma 10).

Game OverThe Ring of Bacchus made its means back to its original owner

Hints: Just play via all stages of the Ring of Bacchus activity. After giving someone the ring rest for 2 or three hours and one more competitor must contact for you. Repeat this with numerous companions and the achievement will certainly ultimately unlock.

Lost TrinketYou’re not the just one playing the Ring of Bacchus game, so watch out for the others!

Hints: Instead of straight providing the ring to among the players in the Ring of Bacchus game, store the ring and go to sleep in Sir Kuno’s camp. Once you wake up (roughly 7 am) the ring is gone and also you gain the accomplishment.

Mercenary’s HonourArouse the mercenary’s sense of honour

Hints: Throughout the 5th mission (What Price Honour?) you will certainly should convince Sir Kuno (speech inspect 7) to stand and fight. Do so and also to get the success.

Pinky PromiseKeep your word at any type of cost

Exlusive: Yes (with Torturer)

Hints: In the fourth mission (Thirty Pieces) you obtain the to interrogate Jaessential. At a specific suggest you have to be obtain an choice to guide Jacrucial carry out not pick that choice rather answer “I’ll untie you” and the achievement will unlock after the dialogue. Note: you cannot unlock this in addition to Torturer anyeven more. They’re 100% exclusive currently, so make a conserve prior to interrogating Jakey.

TorturerLeave Javital to take into consideration the error of his ways

Exlusive: Yes (with Pinky Promise)

Hints: In the fourth mission (Thirty Pieces) you obtain the to interrogate Jaessential. At a particular point you need to be get an choice to sway Jakey carry out not pick that option rather answer “You don’t want to talk? Albest.” Rerevolve after a day and the achievement will unlock after the dialogue. Note: you cannot unlock this along with Pinky Promise anyeven more. They’re 100% exclusive now, so make a conserve prior to interrogating Jacrucial.

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TrackerTrack down the raiders that attacked the mill

Hints: When you ride out via the band also on your 1st mission (Bad Blood) you will come across an struck farm (I’m rather certain there’s no mill there). Investigate the goings-on and also head right into the woodland. Ultimately you must uncover the raiders’ hideout. Once you execute the accomplishment unlocks.