Welcome to Kingdom Hearts bear By Sleep 0.2 ~A Fragmentary Passage~! The adhering to pages will guide you v the whole game, every the method to the end credits. BBS 0.2 is very short game, and has very little in the means of extra content. Each main people page in the Walkthrough just takes you with the story.

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Extra content here takes the form of Objectives, optional work that you can finish to earn various Wardrobe items come customize Aqua"s appearance. This Objectives have a page all to themselves, finish with accuse and, as soon as necessary, screenshot to aid you complete them.

There is an additional Wardrobe page that shows each item you deserve to unlock. They room only offered out as rewards because that Objectives, so completing one page will finish the other.

How plenty of Playthroughs?

You will require to finish two playthroughs in order come earn all of the success for BBS 0.2. You will be required to complete the Story while playing on crucial Mode, i beg your pardon is only available after perfect the Story when on either Beginner, Standard, or Proud Mode.

As was the instance in Dream drop Distance, girlfriend can make use of the new Game add to feature. This carries over your missions progress, Wardrobe, and also whatever item you have actually found and not used. Treasure chests are refilled, and brand-new ones space added. Additionally, any kind of save document with the perfect icon have the right to be used to begin a brand-new Game Plus; you deserve to start a new game, get far enough to open up a chest through a an useful item, then start a new file immediately. Looping like this can greatly increase your Items because that future an important Mode runs.

In fact, I extremely suggest law multiple playthroughs, since this video game is for this reason short. Throughout your initial run, only 35 goals are available. After perfect the story, second 16 are revealed, some of which require defeating bosses without taking damage. This are just completable ~ above a new Game to add file, and are significantly easier if excellent on beginning of the person Mode.

19. 0.2: general Info17. DDD: Commands
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Walkthrough Summary
1Full Walkthrough Overview
2General clues & Tips
3Kingdom hearts Dream Drop street Overview
4DDD: basic Info
5DDD: Tutorial
6DDD: Traverse Town
7DDD: La Cité des Cloches
8DDD: The Grid
9DDD: Prankster"s Paradise
10DDD: nation of the Musketeers
11DDD: Symphony that Sorcery
12DDD: The human being That never ever Was
13DDD: The secret Tower
14DDD: brand-new Game Plus
15DDD: Reports
16DDD: Spirits
17DDD: Commands
18Kingdom understanding 0.2 A Fragmentary i Overview
190.2: general Info
200.2: main Road
210.2: castle Town
220.2: world Within
230.2: woodland of Thorns
240.2: depths of Darkness
250.2: Objectives
260.2: Wardrobe

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