So much Kobo has actually kind of to reduce the round on the release of their 7.8-inch Kobo Aura One ebook reader.

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It’s been the end of share from Kobo’s website for numerous months now, pretty much since it to be released in September (yet it’s been selling from Chapters.Indigo many of the time).

The main sleepcover for the Kobo Aura One has been the end of stock many of the time due to the fact that it was released together well.

Luckily a number of third-party sheathe makers have actually plenty of different cases easily accessible for the Aura One.

Several support the automatically sleep/wake attribute like the main cover too.

If you have a favorite instance for the Aura One provide it a shout the end in the comments!

Kobo Aura One consist of List

Ultra Compact MoKo covers – These space a an excellent choice if you like slim, tight-fitting covers. They have actually a magnetic flap and support the auto wake/sleep feature. Lock are easily accessible in six different colors/designs and also only expense $11-$13 each. There’s likewise this 2nd listing for MoKu situations without the auto wake attribute for a few bucks less. These instances mostly have actually positive reviews.

Kwmobile instance – inspect out these if you like covers with some color and style, like the one pictured above. They also have level black. These covers space compatible v the auto wake role and they space priced in the $10-$13 range.

Mama Mouth Covers and also Viewing was standing – these covers fold out and dual as a analysis stand to prop the Aura One up. Lock come in a variety of colors and also designs and cost under $15.

Avidet Slim-Book Style instance – an additional low cost cover for the Kobo Aura One the comes in four various colors, however it doesn’t support the auto wake up feature and there room no reviews however to go off of.

ACdream instances – These room the type of covers that go end the former bezel the the reader. They additionally have the auto sleep/wakeup feature.

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Xindayi Ultra Slim sheathe – This is a an extremely thin and also lightweight cover with auto wake/sleep (apparently not). It’s easily accessible in four various colors and it sells for less than $10.

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Terry Falter says

January 31, 2017 in ~ 7:30 pm

Susan says

February 2, 2017 in ~ 3:45 am

David says

April 27, 2017 at 6:43 pm

I to be posting here since I just received a sleeve ns ordered for it and it is nearly a perfect fit. Interestingly the instance is an Amazon Basics 8-inch tablet sleeve.