One quintessentially Seattle summer must-do: watercraft rentals and tours. Through so lot of our city surrounded by water, trying your hand at sailing (or at the very least one that those foot-pedal boats) is, in a way, a ideal of passage. So whether you’re a paddling pro, or would fairly let someone rather take the helm, right here are 11 ways to to obtain out on the water:

Boat, kayak (and more) rentals

Agua Verde cafe & Paddle Club

Seattle watercraft rental favorite, the Aqua Verde Paddle society offers families of all ability levels the chance to do some lake kayaking. Stand-up paddleboards also are available. Store it simple, and paddle approximately Portage Bay, past houseboats and lily pads, or go further, v the Montlake cut towards one the the ideal destinations top top the lake for non-motorized craft: Foster Island and also the Arboretum. Youngsters will love experimenting under foot bridges and also through narrow passageways and spotting wildlife (look for bald eagles high up in the trees as you approach).

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For a more urban experience, head west native Agua Verde under the university Bridge and into Lake Union to enjoy a spectacular see of the Seattle downtown skyline and also the houseboats the line the shore.

Kayaks room rented top top a first-come, first-serve basis. Everyone 17 and younger should ride in a double kayak with an adult accompanying them. Life jackets and also paddles space provided, including special equipment for small ones. Too many of good FAQ here, consisting of COVID protocols. 1303 NE Boat St, Seattle, 98105

Boat rentals at the green Lake Boathouse

The pedal boats at environment-friendly Lake space another good option because that family watercraft rentals. They’re especially for little children, because you won’t have to navigate choppy waters. The boathouse has two varieties of pedal boats: a two-seater and a four-seater, in which every riders get to pedal. Life jackets room included. They also have rowboats, sailboats (for skilled users) and stand-up paddleboards.

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Electric boat Company

Splurge on acquisition the recently vaccinated grandparents on a leisurely lake cruise board an electric boat. Standard boats fit as much as 10 passengers, when a Luxury watercraft accommodates 12 people and also the smaller Donut watercraft fits 6. 

Boats room shaded and feature tables and also bluetooth speakers, so you can bring a picnic and your favorite summer playlist. Perform your kids want come watch that flock the goslings for 20 minutes? walk for it! The biggest advantage to these watercrafts is that you deserve to drive yourself (primary driver should be 25 years old, yet no one-of-a-kind license is required), so friend don’t have to worry about covering a certain route. 

2046 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. Do a reservation because that a 2-hour minimum slot between 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Thurs-Sun). Duffy boats are $250, Luxury watercrafts are $350 and Donut watercrafts are $170 because that 2 hours. 

Argosy Cruises

Argosy offers multiple options for family members who want to acquire out on the water. Select from a quick ferry to Blake Island because that a funny day trip, a one-hour port Cruise, or a two-hour cruise with the Ballard Locks (a regional favorite destination). 

These watercrafts have the most on-board amenities the the featured tours, including adult beverages and also locally sourced snacks (but no external food is permitted). ADA accommodations room also accessible and the crew is trained to help with wheelchairs, scooters and also strollers, making this a great option for passengers through disabilities. 

Harbor Cruises and Blake Island Ferries depart from Pier 55. The Locks Cruise departs one of two people from Pier 55 or native the AGC Marina in southern Lake Union. Cruising times and also dates differ widely by cruise. Most access is top top weekends, with more options beginning June 14th. Kids 3 and under are cost-free on Argosy Cruises, through adult tickets varying from $29-47 and also children’s tickets varying from $20-24. Show a Washington State ID because that $2 off her cruise.

West Seattle Water Taxi

Don’t permit the leg closure keep you indigenous visiting West Seattle. Prolong a visit to the Seattle Aquarium or Pike Place market with a water taxi ride throughout Elliott just for having lunch on Marination Ma Kai patio or a cycle ride come Alki Beach. 

This passenger (and bike) ferry provides beautiful views of downtown (and even Mount Rainier on a clear day). The 15-minute crossing is brief enough that even the wiggliest of youngsters will reap it, and there’s a little beach at Seacrest Park for some water play before a return trip. 

On weekdays, the water taxi departs every 35 minute from Pier 50 in Seattle and Seacrest Park in West Seattle. On weekends, the schedule reduces come hourly sailings. Fares room $5.75 because that those over 5, v discounts available for seniors, disabled people and also those making use of an Orca card.