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Updated on 21 May 2020

One of the hardest boss fights in God of War, the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun is the last Valkyrie you"ll enrespond to, and also most likely the last boss in the game you"ll fight. In this overview we"ll display you exactly how to beat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun, wbelow to uncover her and the rewards you"ll obtain for doing so.

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How to Beat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun in God of War

To beat the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun boss fight in God of War you"ll should find her first, then ensure you have the appropriate methods, devices and also strategy to beat the very hard fight that adheres to. First of all, we"ll cover just how to obtain to Sigrun.

Sigrun is cshed to the Lake of Nine, but you won"t actually have the ability to summon her till the finish of the game. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interenergetic Entertainment

How to Find Valkyrie Queen Sigrun and also the Council of Valkyries

To uncover Valkyrie Queen Sigrun you’ll initially must defeat the eight various other Valkyrie bosses scattered throughout the game, as each of them has actually a helmet that you"ll should summon Sigrun herself. For a complete walkwith of the area of eextremely Valkyrie in the game, head over to our God of War Valkyrie overview. This"ll display you exactly how to find and defeat them all, enabling you to tackle Sigrun herself.

Once you"ve defeated all the various other eight Valkyrie, you should uncover the Council of Valkyries, a specific location in Midgard cshed to the Lake of Nine. To acquire to this area, carry out the following:

You should dock your boat on the left side of the entrance to the Mason’s Channel area (noted by Kratos" place on the map above), next to the Lake.Scale your means up the cliffs, using Atreus’ shock arrows to get rid of any kind of pesky sap orbs that happen to be blocking your course.This"ll take you to a big, open up area ringed by crumbling stone thrones - the Council of Valkyries.
Only by beating all eight Valkyrie can you summon their Queen. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Once you’ve came down on the circle of seats at the Council of Valkyries, you’ll have to have actually Kratos place all eight heads of the Valkyries in their corresponding seats. After you’ve done this, you’ll watch a babsence orb in the middle of the arena. Make certain you prepare for a long, challenging boss fight, bereason your battle through Sigrun will begin automatically as soon as you connect through the orb.

Valkyrie Queen Sigrun Boss Fight Tips and Strategy

Sigrun is just one of the the majority of challenging encounters in God of War, maybe even more than any various other. She"s an exceptionally quick and functional adversary who have the right to do huge amounts of damages to the unall set, backed up by a massive health bar. While there"s no guaranteed cheese approach, we"ve outlined a strong strategy and tips to remember once going into combat below:

Parrying is essential for this boss, allowing you to rebound Sigrun once she attempts an strike. However before, she likewise has actually many moves that are unblockable, so you"ll should know how to roll safely too.You also should recognize when to swap between the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos. The Axe is a powerful follow-approximately a parry, yet Sigrun is so deadly at cshed selection that it"s frequently better to usage the Blades for your very own safety.Sigrun has one specifically hard ranged attack which deserve to easily capture Kratos out if you’re not cautious. When she"s far amethod from Kratos, she’ll regularly send a fill of ice projectiles at you, which you deserve to actually conveniently block by simply raising your shield and also taking in the assaults head on.If she uses her wings to protect herself as a vast shield, double-tap L1 to Block Break, smashing with her defenses and also stunning her temporarily for an effective follow-up.Sigrun"s worst relocate is a sudden drop from the sky wright here she attempts to stamp down on Kratos. It can not be blocked and calls for you to roll out of the means at the VERY last second. Mash O if she grabs you to escape (though you"ll constantly take some damage), and watch out - if she misses, she might follow up through two more attempts.Keep Atreus firing on her. His assaults do not execute a lot damage as a whole, however it may make the distinction and also can also be used to interrupt certain airborne assaults, giving you the opportunity to save doing correct damages.Have a resurrection rock ready, of course.
Sigrun has actually expensive quantities of health and also will certainly call for multiple offers of all your best attacks. | SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interenergetic Entertainment

Sigrun Valkyrie Queen Rewards

For defeating Sigrun you’ll be rewarded with the epic Sigrun’s Helmet, over 5,000 XP, an Epic Enchantment, some Perfect Svartalfheim Steel, an Epic Axe Pommel, and the ‘Chooser of the Slain’ trophy for your initiatives.

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