Hey Hey What can I execute ChordsThe various other songs top top the site are in a different key, its in the an essential of A in the OFFICIAL but on the record it is slightly out of tune not sufficient for the etc to be tuned fifty percent a stepKey:b - bendr - -releaseh - hammerP - pull-off~ - vibrateIntro, the intro goes choose thisA fifth fret barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -strum (strum pattern down,down,up...),then string(6)7h9, climate string(5)7h9, continueX4,then G adhered to by D both strumed twiceThe development is A-G-D listen for the changesA fifth fret barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -G thrid worry barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -D 5th fret barreE 1 - -B 1 - 4G 1 - 2D 1 - 3A 1 - -E X - -OR if the to tough using finger 2,3,4, barre with third finger instead, together shown:E 1 - -B 1 - 3G 1 - 3D 1 - 3A 1 - -E XVERSE 1A GWanna call you around the girl ns loveDMy she looks so fineA GShe"s the only one that i been dreamin" ofDMaybe one day she will be all mineA GI wanna tell her that ns love her soDI thrill through her every touchA G (pause)I have to tell her she"s the only one ns really loveCHORUSA G D(same because that each heat in chorus)I gained a woman, wanna round all dayI gained a woman, she won"t be true, noI acquired a woman, continue to be drunk every the timeI claimed I acquired a small woman and she won"t be trueVERSE 2A GSunday morning when we go under to churchDSee the menfolk standin" in lineA GI said they come to pray come the LordDWith my small girl, looks for this reason fineA GIn the evening as soon as the sun is sinkin" lowDEverybody"s v the one castle loveA GI walk the town, store a-searchin" all aroundDLookin" for my street corner girlCHORUS (same chords together chorus above)I gained a woman, wanna sphere all dayI acquired a woman, she won"t be true, no noI gained a woman, continue to be drunk all the timeI claimed I acquired a small woman and she won"t it is in trueVERSE 3(same chords together verse above)In the bars, through the men who play guitarsSingin", drinkin" and rememberin" the timesMy small lover go a midnight shiftShe followed approximately all the timeI assumption: v there"s just one point a-left for me come doGonna load my bags and move on mine wayCause I gained a concerned mind, Sharin" what I assumed was mineGonna leaving her where the guitars playCHORUSI obtained a woman, she won"t it is in true, no noI acquired a woman, wanna round all dayI acquired a woman, remain drunk all the timeI obtained a tiny woman and also she won"t it is in true(Hey hey what can I do)I claimed she won"t it is in true(Hey Hey, What deserve to I say?)Hey hey, what can I doI obtained a woman, she won"t be trueLord, hear what ns sayI got a woman, wanna round all day
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Hey Hey What deserve to I carry out tabs
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Led Zeppelin were an English rock band that formed in respectable 1968. Led Zeppelin included Jimmy web page (guitar), Robert plant (vocals), john Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards) and John Bonham (drums). Through their heavy, guitar-driven sound, Led Zeppelin are concerned as one of the an initial heavy steel bands.<1><2> However, the band"s individualistic format draws from numerous sources and transcends any kind of one genre.<3> their rock-infused interpretation of the blues and folk genres<4> additionally incorporated rockabilly,<5> reggae,<6> soul,<7> funk,<8> classical, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin and also country. The tape did no release the famous songs from your albums as singles in the UK, as they preferred to develop the concept of album-oriented rock.<9>Close to 30 years after disbanding complying with Bonham"s death in 1980, Led Zeppelin proceed to be held in high regard for their artistic achievements, advertising success and vast influence. The band have sold an ext than 300 million albums worldwide,<10><11><12><13><14> including 111.5 million sales in the joined States<15> and also they have had actually all your non-compilation studio albums with the U.S. Billboard top 10.<16> Led Zeppelin room ranked No. 1 top top VH1"s 100 greatest Artists of difficult Rock.<17> Rolling stone magazine has defined Led Zeppelin as "the heaviest band of all time" and "the best band that the 70s".<18>On 10 December 2007 the enduring members that Led Zeppelin rejoined (along v deceased drummer man Bonham"s boy Jason) because that the Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert in ~ The O2 in London.Indexed at Wikipedia.

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