Attack TypeSlashThrustPierceStrike
Character Evaluation
Like any of the Cold steel games, Fie is great party member because that battle. For players that use Fie, they will understand that she is a rate demon the can conveniently exploit a lot of the video game mechanics. Since Fie is an old course VII member, her maximum potential is limited until she rejoins you late in the game. Because that players utilizing Fie, her orbment setups save 2 obligated wind slots, which easily lets you construct her into an evasion tank, enabling you to prevent all kinds of danger. As for Fie"s kit, her Crafts cover all sorts the ailments the let you manage the flow of combat such as delay, seal, and even immediate death. Because that Brave Orders, Fie has one of the better orders in the game, providing the party a speed boost along with the understanding buff (Increase dodge rate), which can be more helpful than defensive Brave assignment if you have evasion devices equipped.

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Overall, Fie remains one of the the strongest playable personalities in Cold steel 3, she has actually a good kit wherein her insane speed considerably benefits her permitting you to easily manage most fight situations.

Craft List
Sweep3020EDAttack - Area (L) - Impede (100%)
Acquire: Initial handmade ability.
Cipher Edge4025ADAttack (Set) - heat (M) - K.O. (30%) - Unbalance +25%
Acquire: Initial handmade ability.
Tri-Cyclone6030SS+Attack - Area (M) - Seal (30%) - hold-up +5 - Unbalance +10%
Acquire: Initial handmade ability.
Concealing Wind4010N/AN/ASupport - self - Stealth (2 Turns)Raise STR/SPD (S) (3 Turns).
Acquire: Initial handmade ability.
Lethal Crusade40SSS+DAttack - every - K.O. (50%)Initial S-Craft.

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Brave OrdersNameBPEffectAcquire
Zephyr Wing3Speed form / Action hold-up (0.5), understanding (2 Turns) (8 Counts)Initial Brave Order.