Hey guys! Today I have a evaluation of a 2016 Rogue One set: 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter! This collection has actually 659 pieces and retails for £69.99 (UK), $79.99 (U.S.), $119.99 (Aus), and also $149.99 (NZ). Is it good? 

As always, we will look at the minifigures initially.

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The initially minifigure is Jyn Erso. She wears her outfit worn on Eadu, via a grey towel poncho and a brand also new hat which has her hair painted on it. Tright here is additionally a silver mic and also a detachable white visor. The helmet is pretty oversized, but what bugs me even more is that no hairitem is included. She comes with a bag, her silver pistol, and also the baton used on Jedha, though that is oversized as well. You deserve to see the printing on her torso under her poncho, which I actually choose to the poncho itself. I wish her legs were published, maybe via a gun holster or something.



The second minifigure is Cassian Andor. He wears his dark blue parka worn on Eadu. I think he’s a reasonably great minifigure on the totality however he definitely necessary dual-molded legs – LEGO’s reluctance to add those on Star Wars figures is annoying – and also I think his head print isn’t completely accurate. His hair is a reasonable approximation however a new mold would be welcome later. He is equipped via a gunsteel grey blaster.

Next off up we have a Rebel Trooper. He is uncalled by LEGO however strongly resembles Corporal Eskro Casaffluent from the film. He wears a brand also brand-new helmet and has good torso and leg prints, though his head is incredibly prevalent and generic. He wields a gunsteel grey blaster.

The fourth mininumber is a Rebel Pilot. He is the exact same as the one from 75172 Y-wing Starfighter, through a dark blue flight suit, dark tan gloves, and also a printed rebel helmet. He has an alternate challenge, yet I am not a huge fan of either of his deals with and also I wish that he had a significant expression instead of the smiling one. He comes with a black blaster pistol.

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Last up is the Gap Monessential known as Bistan. He was a door gunner on one of the U-wings on Scarif. He looks reasonable yet I think he is too tall and also his head mold is not incredibly great. I also don’t prefer exactly how his leg printing is reduced off abruptly – I recognize it’s a limitation of the LEGO printing device, however it simply doesn’t look excellent. He comes with a gunmetal grey blaster. On to the build! The U-wing is the huge Rebel ship provided on Eadu and Scarif in the film. It is a combination of a troop transporter and a starfighter, and also has actually a white/grey color scheme with some blue and also yellow highlights. It looks sensibly great on the whole, and also I favor just how the engines look with the clever before reuse of an ice axe aspect. However, the troop deliver section below does make the ship look a little bulky and also much less sleek. You can fold ago the wings, which shortens the length of the ship yet considerably rises the width. It looks pretty great but the troop transfer area looks also bulkier. The wings themselves lock in place making use of mini ball joints.The printed cockpit glass looks reasonably good, and also is the exact same part architecture as those supplied on the Resistance X-wings. The edges are hidden inside the edges of other bricks, so some may discover it tough to open. Fortunately, LEGO has actually had some Technic aspects at the ago which, once pumelted, open the cockpit glass a small bit to enable you to open up it the remainder of the method. Tright here is a published manage slope and seating for one (though the pilot does have to lean back). Interestingly, there is a bigger cockpit glass facet underneath to help the pilot view the ground underneath when landing. This looks really cool and is a clever before architecture. Tright here are two spring-loaded shooters in the front of the craft. They are alongside two non-firing cannons and also are integrated nicely. Pressing on 1×2 blue tiles which slightly bump up will fire them off. They bacount interfere through the look of the craft and also I like their integration a lot. The troop deliver area below is dark grey. It has a sliding door on either side with two stickers each. Unfortunately tbelow is no home window to look out from but the sticker labels execute have actually details which pretfinish to be windows. You can open up the sliding doors to put mininumbers in, or to pull out a stud shooter as a door gun. Do note that the gun in-universe is fired without needing to open the door.

Overall, I certainly favor this collection. The mininumber selection is not negative via Jyn and also Cassian, though tright here are some problems (prefer absence of dual-molding for Cassian and also no leg printing for Jyn). The develop is likewise rather great — the troop carry is incredibly bulky which doesn’t look as well good, but various other than that I don’t have troubles with it. I think playability is quite okay also — around right for a collection of this size. The price is fabulous — no troubles at all here!

Builds: 4/5Minifigures: 4/5Playability: 4/5Price: 5/5Personal Rating: 4.5/5TOTAL: 4.3/5

Thanks for reading! Let me understand your thoughts in a comment below!