I have actually a Lenovo Yoga 700-14ISK through a cracked screen. I have ordered the replacement glass, reasoning this would be basic heat/pull/replace operation. However, that is not seeming to it is in the case. As soon as I warmth the glass, all the rubber and also plastic around it come to be too soft to traction the glass turn off without damaging it.

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Does anyone understand of a walk-through on instead of this glass? I"ve only found the 13" version, and also that is a completely different screen.

Thank girlfriend in advance!

Did you ever uncover your prize to her question? i too have this the same Yoga 700. Cracked screen, failing digitizer. I have the replacement display on order... But now I"m worried together mine is looking much more like it can be favor yours through the glued screen. Maybe not the Yoga in this video, help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdZ-iZzW...






Here is a attach to the service manual because that a Lenovo Yoga 700 -141SK.

Scroll to p.44 to see the procedure for removing the LCD screen.


On p.65 there is the component number for the LCD screen. If you search online using just this number (do not include anything else to the find term) friend will get suppliers of the part. As you currently have bespeak the part, hopefully it will have actually the same number (5D10H35588) published on the earlier of the screen

Hopefully this is of part help.

This information, and also replacement instructions appears to it is in pointing to a finish replacement of every little thing from the hinge point up? I have actually only bespeak the glass & digitizer. I"ve uncovered only one Youtube video clip of the process of an altering out only the digitizer & glass. This just requires 6 screws or so, no the remove of 6 or for this reason "FRU" item (HD, Battery, etc) native the main body the the laptop. Still really nervous and might send it out for repairs.

This is not my the same unit, but it looks similar in this repair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byRtKyVe...

Hi, not disagreeing with you yet the service manual identifies it together a LCD "module with bezel" v no further break down of the module right into glass, digitizer and LCD screen, i beg your pardon in company manuals for other Lenovo gadgets they have. Just a point.

Well... I obtained it fixed. But troubling experience. If this cracked display screen ever happens because that you execute NOT simply purchase the screen with digitizer. Always purchase the complete screen, LCD, digitizer. The distinction is numerous hours of occupational removing, and also reglueing the digitizer/screen come & indigenous the bezel. The additional purchase price because that the contained LCD/Bezel outweighs the extreme labor of re-using the old bezel. Ns think the purchase savings was possibly $80 because that a many headaches and also worry.

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I discovered the procedure to replace the Lenovo yoga 500-141SK i m sorry is the exact same as the yoga 700-141SK. Really clear come view and also all actions are clear. Walk the this site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gViaPosR...

Bruce Sarte will be eternally grateful.

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