About Leon Lush

James Simons, popularly known as Leon Lush, is one American YouTube personality. He made a surname for himself digital by reaction to YouTube videos, tik videos and also personalities, and also news items. Before his reaction videos, the was known on YouTube for his track covers.

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Family Life

He got married to a woman called Christina. They had actually their very first child in respectable 2018. Their child was featured in his video titled “These ladies Really Despise kids (ft. Mine Kid)”.


His Leon Lush channel had actually accrued end 1.6 million subscribers and 147.2 million views on YouTube together of April 2020. Several of the most far-ranging videos top top his channel incorporate “Spoiled Billionaire’s child Responds to Criticism and also Going Viral”, “Insufferable Instagram: Where space They Now?”, and also “This YouTuber Loves Cigarettes more Than Anyone”.

Leon Lush Rank

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F.A.Q. Around Leon Lush

When is his birthday?

Leon Lush"s date of birth is on may 26, 1985.

In how numerous days is his birthday?

Leon"s date of birth is in 207 days

How old is he?

He is 36 year old.

Where is Leon from?

He was born in Massachusetts, U.S..

Leon Lush"s Popularity

Leon Lush is a renowned American YouTuber, that was born on might 26, 1985. As a human being born top top this date, Leon Lush is listed in our database together the 45th most popular celebrity for the job (May 26) and also the 257th most renowned for the year (1985).

People born on might 26 autumn under the Zodiac authorize of Gemini, the Twins. Leon Lush is the 1377th most famous Gemini.

Aside indigenous information details to Leon Lush"s birthday, Leon Lush is the 9437th most well known American and ranks 19th in famous human being born in Massachusetts, U.S.

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