(shows plural & third person present) (showing present participle) (showed past tense) (shown past participle )

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1  verb If miscellaneous showsthat a state of affairs exists, it gives information the proves the or renders it clear to people. Research shows that a high-fibre diet may defend you native bowel cancer...  V that These numbers show rise of end one million in unemployment...  V n It to be only later on that the medicine was presented to it is in addictive...  be V-ed to-inf You"ll it is in given consistent blood tests to display whether you have actually been infected.  V wh 
2  verb 
If a picture, chart, film, or piece of writing reflects something, it represents it or gives information around it. Figure 4.1 mirrors the respiratory tract system...  V n The cushions, displayed left, measure 20 x 12 inches and cost $39.95...  V-ed Much the the film mirrors the painter merely going about his task...  V n -ing Our photo shows exactly how the tree will revolve out.  V wh 
3  verb 
If you show someone something, you give it come them, take it them to it, or point to it, so that they deserve to see the or know what you are referring to. Cut the end this article and show it to your financial institution manager...  V n come n He confirmed me the level he shares through Esther...  V n n I proved them where the pistol was...  V n wh 
4  verb 
If you display someone to a room or seat, you command them there. Let me show you to mine study...  V n prep/adv I"ll show you the way.  V n n 
5  verb 
If you present someone how to execute something, you do it yourself so the they have the right to watch you and also learn exactly how to carry out it. Claire showed us exactly how to do a coco roulade...  V n wh Dr. Reichert has presented us a new way to look at those behavior problems.  V n n 
6  verb 
If something reflects or if you show it, the is clearly shows or noticeable. His beard to be just beginning to show signs the grey...  V n Faint glimmers that daylight were reflecting through the treetops...  V 
7  verb 
If you present a certain attitude, quality, or feeling, or if that shows, you behave in a means that provides this attitude, quality, or feeling clear to other people. She showed no interest in she children...  V n Ferguson to be unhappy and also it showed...  V You display me respect...  V n n Mr Clarke has displayed himself to it is in resolutely opposed to compromise...  V n to-inf The baby was tugging at his cloak to present that he wanted to be picked up.  V that 
8  verb 
If something reflects a high quality or characteristic or if that high quality or characteristics showsitself, it have the right to be noticed or observed. The story reflects a strong narrative gift and a lively eye because that detail...  V n How rather did his hostility to women show itself?  V pron-refl 
9  n-count 
Ashowof a emotion or high quality is an attempt by someone to make it clear that they have actually that feeling or quality. usu a N the n Miners gathered in the center of Bucharest in a show of support for the government...  
10  n-uncount 
If girlfriend say that something is forshow, you mean that it has no real purpose and is done just to give a an excellent impression. The readjust in government is more for present than because that real...  
11  verb 
If a company shows a profit or a loss, that accounts show that it has made a benefit or a loss. It is the only one of the three carriers expected to show a benefit for the quarter...  V n 
12  verb 
If a human being you space expecting to satisfy does not show, they do not arrive at the location where you expect to satisfy them.  (mainly AM) (=turn up) There was always a opportunity he wouldn"t show.  V   Show up way the very same as show., unit volume verb We waited until 5 o"clock, yet he go not show up...  V P 
13  n-count 
A television or radio show is a programme on tv or radio. oft supp N (=programme) I had my very own TV show..., This is the display in i beg your pardon Loyd Grossman visits the dwellings of the famous., ...a famous talk show on a Cuban radio station...  
14  n-count 
A present in a theatre is an entertainment or concert, particularly one that contains different items such as music, dancing, and comedy. How around going shopping and seeing a display in London?...  
15  verb 
If someone shows a film or tv programme, it is broadcast or shows up on tv or in the cinema. The BBC World service Television news confirmed the same film clip...  V n American films are reflecting at Moscow"s cinemas.  V ♦ showing  (showings plural) n-count I offered him a exclusive showing the the film.  
16  n-count 
A present is a publicly exhibition the things, together as works of art, stylish clothes, or points that have been gotten in in a competition. also ~ above N The venue for the show is Birmingham"s national Exhibition centre Hall..., two complementary exhibitions room on show at the Africa Centre...  
17  verb 
To display things such as functions of art means to placed them in an exhibition whereby they have the right to be watched by the public. 50 dealers will display oils, watercolours, drawings and also prints from 1900 to 1992.  V n 
18  adj 
A present home, house, or flat is one of a team of brand-new homes. The building agency decorates it and also puts furniture in it, and also people who want to buy one of the residences come and look round it. ADJ n 
19 If a concern is chose by a display of hands, world vote on it by increasing their hand to indicate whether they vote yes or no. ♦show that hands 
 phrase Parliamentary leaders agreed come take every such decision by a show of hands..., Russell then asked for a show of hands concerning each of the targets.  
20 If you have actually something to display for her efforts, girlfriend have completed something together a an outcome of what you have done. ♦have something to present for sth 
 phrase have inflects, PHR n I"m practically 31 and it"s about time I had actually something to present for my time in mine job...  
21 You deserve to say `I"ll show you" to threaten or warn someone the you space going to make them admit that they are wrong. ♦I"ll display you 
 phrase She shook her fist. `I"ll present you," she said...  
22 If you speak it simply goes to show or it just showsthat something is the case, you typical that what you have actually just said or experienced demonstrates that it is the case. ♦it just goes to show 
 phrase PHR that, PHR n This just goes to present that getting good grades in school doesn"t typical you"re clever...  
23 If you say that someone steals the show, you average that they gain a many attention or praise because they perform far better than anyone rather in a show or various other event. ♦steal the show 
 phrase V inflects Brad Pitt steals the display as the young male doomed by his zest for life.  
24  → to display someone the door 
 → door  → to present your face  → face show around  phrasal verb in BRIT, also use present round  If you show someone around or display them round, you go v them to show them all the interesting, useful, or essential features that a location when they an initial visit it. Would you present me around?...  V n P Spear proved him about the flat.  V n ns n show off 
1  phrasal verb If friend say the someone isshowing off, you are criticizing them because that trying come impress human being by mirroring in a an extremely obvious way what they can do or what they own., (disapproval) All right, there"s no need to present off...  V P 
2  phrasal verb If you display off something the you have, you present it to a many of world or do it evident that you have it, due to the fact that you room proud the it. Naomi was showing off her engagement ring...  V p n (not pron) He in reality enjoys his brand-new hair-style and has made decision to start reflecting it off.  V n P 
1  phrasal verb If something reflects up or if something mirrors it up, it deserve to be plainly seen or noticed. You may have actually some strange disease that may not display up for 10 or 15 years...  V P ...a telescope so an effective that it can show up galaxies billions of light years away...  V ns n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
If who or something shows you up, they make you feel embarrassed or awkward of them. He want to teach her a great for mirroring him up in front of Leonov...  V n P 
chat show 
  (chat shows plural )A chat show is a television or radio display in which people talk in a friendly, informal method about various topics.  (BRIT)  n-count in AM, use talk show  
floor show 
  (floor shows plural ), floorshow A floor display is a collection of performances through dancers, singers, or comedians in ~ a night club.  n-count 
game show   (game shows plural )Game reflects are television programmes ~ above which world play gamings in bespeak to win prizes.  n-count Being a an excellent game-show host means getting to recognize your contestants.  
horse show 
  (horse shows plural )A horse show is a sporting event in which human being riding horses complete in stimulate to show their skill and control.  n-count 
picture show   (picture shows plural )A photo show is a film or cinema.  (AM) OLD-FASHIONED  n-count 
Punch and also Judy show  (Punch and Judy shows plural )A Punch and also Judy show is a puppet display for children, regularly performed in ~ fairs or at the seaside. Punch and Judy, the two main characters, are constantly fighting.  n-count 
show business  Show company is the entertainment industry of film, theatre, and television.  n-uncount He began his career in show business by playing the saxophone and singing.  
show jumper 
  (show jumpers plural )A show jumper is a human being who takes component in the sport of show jumping.  n-count I loved steeds as a child and also was a junior show jumper.  
show jumping 
 , showjumping Show jumping is a sport in which equines are ridden in competitions to show their skill in jumping over fences and also walls.  n-uncount 
show-off   (show-offs plural ), showoff If girlfriend say the someone is a show-off, you room criticizing them for trying come impress human being by reflecting in a very obvious way what they can do or what castle own. INFORMAL  n-count  (disapproval) 
 , showstopping A show-stopping power or product is really impressive. INFORMAL  adj ADJ n  (approval) 
show trial   (show trials plural )People define a trial together a display trial if they think that the attempt is unfair and also is hosted for politics reasons quite than in order to find out the truth.  n-count  (disapproval) ...the show trials of political dissidents.  
talent show 
  (talent shows plural )A talent show, talent competition, or talent challenge is a display where ordinary civilization perform an plot on stage, generally in order to try to success a prize because that the best performance.  n-count 
talk show   (talk shows plural ), talk-show A talk present is a television or radio show in i m sorry famous civilization talk to each other in one informal way and room asked questions about different topics.  n-count (=chat show) 

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