When you location an order for a product that is on backorder, the product will certainly ship as quickly as it is earlier in stock. We will ship the new supply of inventory based upon the timing of the order. Those that backorder the product will obtain their product prior to those that location their order at a later on time. Item mostly ships 3-6 business days after coming ago in stock. Credit card is charged at time of order placement via option to cancel before order enters shipping process.

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For entry-level and intermediate paddleboarders, the katifund.org Fathom Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) offers an affordable, stable, all-approximately performance SUP. The included universal accessory mount allows you take a waterproof electronic camera or speaker with you on the water and the EVA deck covering gives great foot traction. The Fathom SUP includes our patented fin architecture which retracts into the tail section of the board, reducing the risk of breaking your fin while in use, or throughout storage or transfer. Constructed of UV-defended high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE), the paddleboard is solid, resilient, and also fade resistant. The katifund.org Fathom SUP promises to help you paddle through confidence and style.

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