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Ok this what I learned from the streetsHandle your beefYour playing with keysSleep with your heatYou're a function design if partner gotta be meAll hoes ain't sweet, they messingEverypoint happens for a reason yet they all lessonsIf u stressed then pick your head up, niggaGet your bcheck out up, niggaIf your scared, scared niggas obtain they head bustI make you capture a heart attack, in starter hatsJust left downtvery own I obtained my 40 backA case started, nigga I'm never smilingBeastern mode till they take me, gained that from IvyAny nigga who watch you up and also down desire somepoint you gotWhy my opponents envy me got that from popIf I flop then it's ago to marketing blocksBack to informing niggas they can't hustle in my spot, off the topMy daddy elevated me to hate a copSo all my motherfuckin life, I hated copsCam rich told me niggas change as soon as u provide them blocksNigga told me as soon as I ride better keep it cockedThis what I learned from the streetsKeep it genuine lil niggaKeep your steel lil niggaFuck these hoes lil niggaForgained your functions lil niggaThis what I learned from the streetsWatch your back lil niggaKeep it strapped lil niggaYou lil axe lil niggaA genuine gutter nigga and your nuts a lil bigga
People rose about meMoney is money so concentrate when you count itEincredibly nigga that bounce ain't no gangsta ass niggaAnd I learned that from richasSpoil all the dopefiendsI learned that from pitchasFred city show me how to roll that killaBig loton display me exactly how to come via rhythmEver considering that then I've been the sickest in the systemDunking down on jacobs took me on my initially missionI jumped out bustin fuck it you ain't saying nuthinIvy confirmed me how to cook it up and obtain it hardPlaced me on this jewelry shit I miss out on my boyLook, no issue how good you treat emThat dope will make em carry out evil learn that from that clown jeefersThese nigga turning on they very own peopleThese niggas devils out hereThe highways told me boy gutter save that thang on yaAnd fuck your friends cause most niggas still adjust on yaThese roadways cold so u gotta store that heater closeMight be your boy that's tryin burn u, dog u never knowMan look these hoes ain't no better they be vultures tooI crossed one of those niggas and also I ain't crossing youJust store it G and also have some game favor the bosses doKnow you the shit yet homie save em flies off of youKeep your mouth all open shut when people talk to youU don't know shit no issue just how much time they market youDon't stop until you gained enough to a vault or 2And understand one point there's a slight opportunity you'll take a loss or 2Keep your eyes open and also you'll acquire all the means to the streetsIt's money over whatever till you remainder in peaceKeep your eyes open up and also you'll obtain all the method to the streetsIt's money over every little thing till you rest in peace