To some, Lil Wayne may be among the biggest rappers alive, however to Kevin Hart, Lil Tunechi is nothing but one more rapper top top his hit list. Kevin Hart, AKA chocolate Droppa stepped to Weezy at…

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To some, Lil Wayne might be among the greatest rappers alive, but to Kevin Hart, Lil Tunechi is naught but an additional rapper ~ above his hit list. Kevin Hart, AKA coco Droppa stepped come Weezy at the 2016 gambling Hip Hop Awards, in a hilarious cypher.


Hart and also Wayne walk head come head, through the Carter V rapper leading off. The comedian quickly jumped in to spit a pair bars.After MC Droppa plugged his change ego’s upcoming standup attribute film, What Now?he laid the end his opponent with a few rhymes. “Droppa’s insane. The remainder of ya’ll space lame,” that rapped. “The anger’s at an all time high.I eat my bread, I’m talk rye.”


While Droppa brought the comical relief, the awards ceremony denote the genuine talent in three separate cyphers.Beanie Sigel, Peedi Crakk, Freeway, Omillio Sparks and Neef Buck representedfor philadelph in the first cypher of the night. The 2nd chyper featured a list of new talent including,Kent Jones, Nick Grant, Russ, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Don Q, and the night concluded with a cypher from the Tri-State area’s finest,Sam Black,Ms. Jade,Kur,Dave East, and also Young M.A.

Check out chocolate Droppa and also Lil Wayne go earlier and forth below.



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