This reality collection follows the exploits of numerous women in southern California. They"re all set for reality-TV fame, and they"ll play out their personal dramas in prior of the cameras in stimulate to get it. What renders them various from every the other reality-show cast members? They"re little people.

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Elena and Tonya run occasions at Terra"s little Person Retreat in Mexico. However, an explosion erupts, causing a catastrophic turn of events.

With her marriage to Todd top top the rocks, Christy seeks advice from Tonya. Meanwhile, Terra hosts she "Pushing Boundaries" retreat in Mexico. But in between worrying around her daughter Penny"s health, she nemesis Lila getting here from new York and Cole instigating fights with Autumn, Terra"s retreat may be over before it"s even started.

Tonya provides the ladies the true strip club endure at the premiere of her play "Roxy." Terra finalizes to plan for she LP retreat that is just days away, also though she can not have the ability to attend as result of her daughter"s wellness condition. Meanwhile, Christy"s anxiety level is v the roof v the start of her lingerie line. However when Todd reflects up to she fashion present looking favor a slob, Christy reaches she breaking point.
Elena takes large professional strides by developing a photo shoot for she eye new shadow palette, and also having the first public analysis of her children"s book. However with the poor blood between Terra and Christy, Elena fears that putting them in the same room for her events can be career suicide. Meanwhile, Christy fights v Todd end his lack of an inspiration to become healthier. And also Terra breaks under over damaging news about her daughter"s health.
On the heels of one of their dirtiest fights ever, Jasmine, Elena, and Tonya do damages control in between Terra and also Christy. Yet Christy puts the drama next to more her aspiring lingerie line. Meanwhile, Terra makes substantial strides plan her little Person retreat, and comes up with a unique method to disclose it come the group. But with things still therefore rocky through Christy, Terra reveals more secrets from their past.
Terra and Joe room on pins and also needles once their daughter Penny has to have multiple medical tests. Christy lays down the regulation with she daughter fall after finding the end she"s complaining about her mommy behind she back. Meanwhile, Elena gathers the females to her residence for a timeless Russian dinner, and also to disclose her latest service venture. But still warm after their last fight, Terra and Christy lash out at each other, revealing keys that deserve to never it is in unheard.
Christy ultimately sees she lingerie designs the flesh; Cole and Autumn"s friendship it s okay tested; Terra accuses Christy that lying.
After losing a ton that weight, Christy seeks out therapy for her current hair loss. Elena ultimately confesses come the girls the root of her perspective issues.
Christy tries to aid Todd qualify for a surgical procedure that will drastically aid his mobility, but instead of adhering to the doctor"s orders, Todd drags his feet; and also Terra gathers the girls because that a social media treatment for Tonya, however everyone is shocked once accusations surface about things Jaa is saying behind Tonya"s back.
Chris and also Jasmine celebrate a vow rejuvenation ceremony. Christy decides whether to pick her dream job or she friendship.
Elena presents she children"s book for the girls" time, however questions indigenous the girls leaving her speechless.
As the vow renewal begins, Jasmine"s Bridezilla tendencies come out. When creative differences in between Christy and also her lingerie designer arise, Christy is compelled to confront her fear and resolve her very own body image.
Feeling influenced by her recent weight loss, Christy decides to start a lingerie line, yet not everyone is donate of her brand-new business venture.
Jasmine pursues she love that music through signing up for a power showcase, but struggles to conquer her anxiety and also stage fright.
Terra arranges a girls trip to Placerville, Cal., so everyone deserve to experience Mika top top her very own turf. However when five little women roll into this California Gold sirloin town, from ghost hunts to gun ranges, anyone is out of your element. And when Tonya is driven to her emotional limit, she shocks the women with details of she father"s death. Later, Elena"s bad attitude infuriates Terra and Christy.
Autumn feeling smothered as soon as Christy plans her skating disco-themed birthday party; Tonya tells the girls the she and also Jaa are finally an ext than simply friends; Terra receives a profound reading native clairvoyant tool Tyler Henry.
After acquisition a couple of months away to focus on she marriage and also weight-loss, Christy go hiking through the girls, and also reveals she physical transformation. Meanwhile, once Jasmine to plan a spa job centered roughly Terra, Tonya realizes your friendship is even more damaged than she believed it was. And after month of being in and out the the hospital with their daughter Penelope, Terra and Joe brace themselves for whether or no Penny will need yet another brain surgery.

This reality series follows the exploits of several women in southerly California. They"re ready for reality-TV fame, and also they"ll play the end their personal dramas in former of the cameras in stimulate to get it. What makes them various from all the other reality-show cast members? They"re tiny people.

Little Women: LA is a series that is currently running and also has 8 seasons (151 episodes). The series very first aired on may 27, 2014.

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