As I’ve said countless times before, Jawbone’s Jambox quite much set the bar a couple of years back in terms of portable Bluetooth speakers. At the moment of its beginning the alternatives were couple of and far between, and also until the Jambox arrived nothing, if storage serves correct, provided such sound high quality in such a tiny package. However, since then the market has actually been flooded with a myriad of Bluetooth speakers. Some good, some just terrible, and some just trying come cash in ~ above the trend. That’s why i was pleased together punch come see range of brand-new toys, Bluetooth speakers included, coming from can be fried Ears, which was purchased by Logitech a couple of years ago. If girlfriend don’t recall, Ultimate ear is well-known for outfitting front men, together in singers, in major acts, through custom equipment in ear monitors.

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Wrapped in black color rubber, Logitech’s UE mobile Boombox is an unassuming device, detailed of food you opt for the all black color version. If you’re of the more daring ilk, you can just as soon pick increase an all white variation – though I’d imagine scuffs and also maring would ensue rather easily – or any kind of of the abovementioned two finishes with a painted speak grill in the color of pink, green or blue. Needless to say, whatever shade option you choose your experience, at least in regards to sound will remain the same.


That said, the UE mobile Boombook, despite its little package (it procedures 4.4″x2.6″x2.4″ LWH and weighs 298g) doesn’t fall short in terms of features relative come its competitors. Installed into the peak of the speaker’s rubber housing is a collection of volume buttons the are split by a Bluetooth pairing button. In addition to their long lasting build, and minimalist aesthetic, they’re reactive come the press and also require anything but a hefty hand come operate. Because the UE mobile Boombox is smooth come the touch on every sides, slipping it the end of bags and also the like is not an encumbering process. Other features include an AUX input, a environment-friendly LED light at the rear to suggest charging and power, and also a micro USB port for juicing increase its battery.

Pairing the UE cell phone Boombox is the normal affair. Power on, organize down the Bluetooth switch until a tone is emitted, a front encountering Blue LED promptly flashes, and walla, you’re paired. The UE mobile Boombox have the right to pair v up come 8 devices, and also connect with up to two gadgets at the same time from as much as 50-feet away allowing you to switch ago and forth between one smartphone come the next.


Positioned just above the Bluetooth pairing button is a microphone for, what else, phone call calls. If you’ve offered a portable Bluetooth speaker before with a comparable setup, climate you understand that an incoming (and outgoing) phone call are automatically routed to the speaker. I m sorry isn’t a good thing in the case of the UE mobile Boombox. After speaking with a selection of colleagues and also friends, they every unhappily reported the the sound top quality was “terrible” and it was really echoey; something analogous come a submarine. To check this, and make sure it wasn’t based upon distance or acoustic in the room, ns swapped ago and forth between my iphone phone 4s’ speakerphone. Unfortunately, all callers reported the the iPhone’s speakerphone, which was in the very same proximity, was much superior.

Speakerphone issues aside, i m sorry is fixed the mainstay or the main feature of this Bluetooth speaker, the UE mobile Boombox is packed with two 1″ full-range drivers. To enhance that the ago has to be outfitted with a slender base port, though its performance is questionable. That being said, the clarity of the UE cell phone Boomboxes eclipses Jawbone’s Jambox. However, the in mind, the lacks the exact same bass responsiveness as the Jambox, though that isn’t come say the is there is no of such. It simply simply doesn’t achieve as much oomph in the particular component of the spectrum; it’s a bit flat. In ~ max volume the UE mobile Boombox stop up how amazing well, displaying small signs that distortion as soon as sourced native my iphone phone 4s or 13″ Macbook Air. Needless come say, the sound signature the Bluetooth by its an extremely nature, and a speak of this size, is hardly one of high fidelity, but it suffices nonetheless. The being said, and even when jacked in making use of a headphone cord, don’t expect sound reproduction the is reminiscent of the UE cell phone Boombox’s huge brother, the UE Boombox (we’ll have actually a evaluation on that really soon). Yet nor must your expectation be such, since the damage in sound quality (it need to be a willing one) is in the versatility, and portability.


Now, among the greatest concerns about anything portable is its battery life. Since I’ve only had actually my UE mobile Boombox because that a short period of time I’m going to reserve judgement. However, based on my limited experience the speaker seems to achieve the spec’d 10 hours of playback time, or some where in that ball park – the will vary with just how you usage it. Note, the the UE cell phone Boombox does have an auto power down feature, i beg your pardon will conserve on battery life fairly significantly. Ns wasn’t mindful of this the first few times I used it, and also was under the presumption that its battery drained much quicker 보다 expected. To wake up it from standby mode I simply had to strength it off and then on, wherein upon a friendly ton is emitted, along with a glowing environment-friendly LED ~ above the earlier to show that the speaker is still very much powered.

At $100, the UE mobile Boombox should fit nicely right into most people’s budget, at the very least in terms of purchasing a Bluetooth portable speaker. That said, don’t let its seemingly short price tag, reasonably speaking of course, obfuscate its capabilities. Sure, the speakerphone is the portable speaker’s greatest drawback, yet its simplicity, quality, and refinement are nothing much less than I’d mean from the Ultimate ears brand.

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Bottom Line: ns couldn’t questioning for an ext from a $100 portable Bluetooth speaker.

Editor’s Rating:Great


Clear sound for its diminutive sizeUltra easy to operate and also use thanks to 10 hrs of battery lifeWireless and also wired connection


Speakerphone is reportedly prefer calling native a submarineA bit level in regards to the audio spectrum