Logitech G930 Cutting the end Overview

There space several cases your Logitech G930 wireless headset might disconnect all the time or keeps disconnecting and also reconnecting status:

1. Lugged a new Logitech G930 wireless headset and installed the Logitech game software, and then attach headset to computer. But every couple of minutes, the USB dongle beeps, the sound cuts off, and also then USB dongle beeps again and also the sound come back.

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2. Mounted the newest version of Logitech G930 wireless headset driver, it deserve to work for a while. However several minutes later, the G930 keeps shedding connection and also never connected again. Or that keeps connecting and also disconnecting on home windows 10.

3. Once you upgrade the system from windows 7, 8 to windows 10, the Logitech G930 headset is cutting out.

So if her Logitech G930 headset has actually been continuous disconnecting, you can follow the next solutions to settle it.

Why Does mine Logitech G930 continually Disconnect?

The Logitech G930 keeps turning off and turning on constantly with no reason is really annoying, and also it affects my endure seriously. And also there are many civilization having the logitech G930 connection worry problem. And there are numerous reasons resulting in this happened.

1. The wireless machine interference such as the WIFI devices or the Bluetooth devices. If there are an ext wireless devices or Bluetooth devices, it may interrupt the headset so as to make it rotate off.

2. The USB cannot administer enough power, which causes Bluetooth receiver to be unstable.

3. The Logitech G930 driver issue.

How to settle Logitech G930 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting – home windows 10, 8, 7

Now that you understand reasons, you deserve to follow the next solutions to fix this problem to gain the perfect Logitech G930 back.


1: usage USB 2.0 port to Reconnect G930

2: upgrade Logitech G930 Drivers

3: Roll earlier Logitech G930 Driver

4: adjust the rotate off interval Time

5: revolve Off USB root HUB strength Management

6: Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings

Solution 1: Plug Logitech G930 to an additional USB 2.0 Port

This will be a test. If her G930 headset keeps turning off, you have the right to plug that out and also connect that to an additional USB port. If you room using the USB 3.0 port (blue USB port), at this time, you’d better connect to USB 2.0 port.

And the course, if you usage a Unifying Receiver before, shot to connect the headset receiver to the computer USB harbor directly.

Before your reconnect Logitech G930 come computer, you have to make sure the Logitech G930 is completely charged, and also the G930 is it is provided on. The strength off way the LED next to the strength switch have to be unlit (not blinking or solid green).

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Solution 2: update Logitech G930 Headset Drivers

Sometimes, if the Logitech G930 keeps cut out, perhaps you can shot to uninstall the Logitech G930 device and climate update Logitech G930 drivers to deal with this sound issue.

Uninstall Logitech G930 Drivers

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. Exand Sound, video clip and game Controllers to discover the Logitech Headset G930.

3. Right-click the to pick Uninstall device. Climate in the uninstall warning window, click Uninstall.


After girlfriend uninstall the Logitech G930 drivers, you need to download the recent the Logitech G930 chauffeurs to let the machine work properly.

Update Logitech G930 Drivers:

There room two means to update the driver. You deserve to update this driver manually or automatically.

For hand-operated updates, you must go come the download page of the main website, discover the Logitech G930 Headset driver to download, and also then monitor the prompts to install it step by step.

Automatic updates room much more convenient, that doesn’t require you to uncover drivers, and also it deserve to save a many time. You deserve to use the driver booster to instantly update the Logitech headset G930 drivers or G933 drivers.

Driver Booster, an automatically drivers download and also update tool, can aid users to obtain the latest graphic driver, audio driver, USB driver, computer mouse driver and so on with one click. And also as the best driver scanner, it have the right to detected the many outdated and missing drivers for your computer.

1. Download, install and also run Driver Booster on her computer.

2. Click Scan > Update. Every the procedure is 2 clicks.


After the logitech G930 gaming headset driver updated, you can test the again to view if it keeps cutting out.

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Solution 3: Roll earlier Logitech G930 Driver

If friend updated the new driver and also it leader to the headset disconnecting constantly, you can try to roll ago the driver to previously version.

1. Enter device manager.

2. Increase Audio, video and video game controllers tree, and also find Logitech G930 device.

3. Right-click it, and also choose Properties > Driver > Roll back Driver.

If the roll earlier driver can not use, perhaps you must download the old driver version from the Logitech official site.

Solution 4: adjust the revolve off expression Time

The default Logitech headset G930 power transforms off every 15 minutes. The means, after ~ 15 minutes later, the headset will certainly disconnect instantly to conserve power if the G930 no working throughout the 15 minutes. So girlfriend can alters it come zero to settle the G930 disconnection issue. This is likewise applied to Logitech Headset G933.

1. Exit Logitech Gaming software.

2. Follow this path: Local disc C: > Program Files > Logitech Gaming Software > Resources > G930 > Manifest. Right here you will watch the Device_Manifest.xml file.


3. Right-click it to open with Notepad.

4. Find the Battery turnOffInterval=”900”, and also modify 900 come 0.


Tips: You require to backup this document before you change it.

Solution 5: revolve Off USB root HUB power Management

Because the Logitech G930 is a USB wireless headset, if your Logitech G930 keeps cutting out, trying to reset the USB root hub and Generic USB hub power management.

1. Enter an equipment manager.

2. Increase Universal Serial Bus controller, and select USB root HUB > Properties > Power Management.

3. Uncheck the choice of Allow the computer system to rotate off this machine to conserve power.


4. Uncheck the power save for every the USB source hub and generic USB hub one by one.

Tips: If you find this power management cannot select, you have the right to fix the from here: allow the computer to turn off to save power option grayed out.

Solution 6: Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings

The USB Selective Suspend power setup may cause your G930 disconnecting and also reconnecting, so disabling that may aid the G930 occupational properly.

1. Follow this course to get in the added power settings: Start Menu > Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional power Settings.


2. In the power arrangement you room using, click Change arrangement settings.


3. Select Change progressed power settings.


4. In strength settings, discover USB Settings > USB selective Suspend settings.

5. In the settings, drop-down the text-menu to pick Disable. Then click Apply and OK.


After that, reconnect the headset to your computer and also you will find the G930 sound will not reduced off and the connection keeps transforming on all the time.

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So try the over 6 ways to fix your Logitech G930 headset disconnection and also reconnection issue.