Going to the bars deserve to be fairly the expensive excursion. Mixed drinks are method overpriced and also you recognize darn well that tbelow is no method it actually expenses everywhere near what you’re paying to make.

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But exactly how a lot are you really wasting ameans on insanely priced blended drinks? See for yourself (Spoiler: it’s not pretty).

Note: Prices are based off of averperiods and common grocery stores. The cost of ice was not included.

Long Island Iced Tea – Mean price $9


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

How a lot it expenses to make this mixed drink at home:

0.5 oz. tequila – $0.400.5 oz. vodka – $0.250.5 oz. rum – $0.250.5 oz. triple sec – $0.200.5 oz. gin – $0.201.5 oz. sweet and also sour – $0.123 oz. cola – $0.25

Total: $1.67

Savings: $7.33

Jack and also Coke – Mean price $6


Photo by Margaret Weinberg

How a lot it costs to make this blended drink at home:

1 oz. Jack Daniels – $1.003 oz. cola – $0.25

Total: $1.25

Savings: $4.75

Bloody Mary – Median price $8

Photograph by Hannah Lin

How much it prices to make this mixed drink at home:

2 oz. vodka – $1.004 oz. tomato juice -$0.121 lemon wedge – $0.081 lime wedge – $0.082 dashes Tabasco sauce & Worcestershire sauce – $0.022 tsp. horseradish – $0.071 pinch celery salt, pepper, and paprika – $0.01

Total: $1.38

Savings: $6.62

It looks intimidating, but it’s entirely doable. Just follow this recipe.

Margarita – Average price $8


Photograph by Katherine Richter

How a lot it price to make this blended drink at home:

1 oz. tequila – $0.804 oz. margarita mix – $0.40

Total: $1.20

Savings: $6.80

Get a classic margarita recipe right here.

Fuzzy Navel – Typical price $7

Photo by Kai Huang

How a lot it cost to make this combined drink at home:

3 oz. peach schnapps – $1.203 oz. OJ – $0.04

Total: $1.24

Savings: $6.76

Pina Colada – Median price $8

How a lot it expense to make this blended drink at home:

1.5 oz. white rum – $1.002 oz. coconut milk – $0.122 oz. pineapple juice – $0.12

Total: $1.24

Savings: $6.76

Get headed to this beach via this recipe (plus more!).

Cosmopolitan – Mean price $8

How much it price to make this blended drink at home:

1.5 oz. vodka – $0.750.5 oz. triple sec – $0.201 tsp. lime juice – $0.021.5 oz. cranberry juice – $0.06

Total: $1.03

Savings: $6.97

Use that cash to buy some added groceries. Perhaps collect some Peeps to make this cosmo that proves that marshmallow-y goodness is acceptable all year round.

Old Fashioned – Typical price $7

How a lot it expense to make this mixed drink at home:

2 oz. whisky/bourbon – $0.882 tsp. basic syrup – $0.012 dashes bitters – $0.101 tsp. water – $0.001 slice ovariety – $0.081 cherry – $0.05

Total: $1.12

Savings: $5.88

Follow this recipe if you want to acquire right to the (no) chaser.

Sex on the Beach – Average price $8

How much it expense to make this combined drink at home:

1 oz. vodka – $0.500.5 oz. peach schnapps – $0.201 oz. OJ – $0.021 oz. cranberry juice – $0.04

Total: $0.76

Savings: $7.24

Gin and Tonic – Average price $5

How a lot it expense to make this combined drink at home:

2 oz. gin – $0.804 oz. tonic water – $0.30

Total: $1.10

Savings: $3.90

Throw in some blackberries and sugar and you have actually yourself a Blackberry Gin Fizz.

After awhile, these numbers add up. Save yourself some money and also begin whipping up your very own concoctions. Once you acquire good, you can begin developing your very own recipes.

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