The old Labyrinth deserve to be accessed at any point after beating the Beast, despite you’re walk to want to execute it prior to facing the final boss, due to the fact that that will finish the game (plus there’s an accomplishment for beating the final boss through a weapon from the Labyrinth). You’ll likewise need a weapon that deals anything other than physical damage – there room a most ghosts in over there that need re-killing...

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Firstly, friend will unlock this achievement as you play with naturally:

I kill dead peopleKilled 40 ghosts in the old Labyrinth


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Although it states kill ghosts, a most the skeletons you death will also count towards it.

Once you’re ready to take it on the old Labyrinth, go talk to the Blacksmith, and also he’ll ask you to take him somewhere. Agree, and also you’ll it is in in the Labyrinth.

Follow the path, and take a ideal after the red crystal. Proceed down the route to speak to the mysterious Stranger. After speaking to him, you will unlock:

SolitaryMet a strange person in a weird place


1 guide

Pull the lever to expose a door, and head inside. There will be a ghost to your left. Death it, and pick up the Audio keep in mind 1/8: “The little Things” native nearby. Currently turn around, and head under the various other path to discover a chest guarded by a skeleton. Kill it, and also open the chest to receive a poison Resistance Shard and also a Magic Resistance Shard.

Continue down the route where the ghost was, and kill the skeleton about the corner. The door ahead is locked, therefore backtrack out of the room, and also pull the lever a second time, then a 3rd time. As soon as you go with the door this time, there’ll it is in a ghost to your right and also a skeleton to her left. Take the end the ghost quickly. The door behind him cannot be opened up from this side.

Now wait for the skeleton come come close, and also attract his attention. Don’t go too much forward as there’s a skeleton archer waiting approximately the corner. Now head forward, and also kill the archer. Beside him will certainly be Audio keep in mind 2/8: “Consecrated”.

Continue down the path, and also a skeleton will show up before you. Kill it and also carry on. Together you method the bar at the end, another skeleton will appear. Death it, and also pull the bar to open the path to the right.

There is a skeleton to the left as shortly as girlfriend enter. Death it, and head come your ideal to find a ghost beside a pressure plate. Kill it, and also stand top top the pressure plate. One more skeleton may attack from behind now, so be careful. Death it if that does. Be cautious if friend die, because any kind of time you come back here, this skeleton will be waiting for you just ahead that the ghost.

Follow the path, and also you’ll reach an additional doorway. There is a ghost to her left inside, so kill it. There is an additional pressure key here, so was standing on that together well. Prior to going further, map your steps back to the very first ring and also to the door that couldn’t be opened from this side. This will currently be open. Within is a coffin. Open it for Coffin 1/4 and also to receive the Consecrated helmet – a seriously elemental-resistant item of kit.

Now go back to the 2nd pressure plate. More down the path right here will be two skeletons, so kill them. In between them will be Audio keep in mind 3/8: “Initiation”. Continue down the path and also through the doorway because that a red crystal and Audio note 4/8: “First Anxieties”.

There"s a ghost, and a skeleton in ~ the end of this path, so bait the ghost and kill it prior to killing the skeleton. At the end of this path, you’ll uncover a Sealed Rune (small).

This course is a dead finish for now, for this reason it’s time to backtrack to the ahead lever. An additional skeleton may spawn top top the way back. Traction the lever once. There is nothing on either side of the door because that now, so head through.

First, head left to uncover a Magic energy Shard, climate head ideal to uncover a new lever. Traction it twice, and get all set for an attack from behind by 2 skeletons. Don’t let them corner you, and also kill lock off. When they’re dead, head v the doorway.

There is a huge and really tough adversary to your right here, so it is in careful and kill the – if you see it vanish, instantly start dodging as there’s a large hit incoming. Right by wherein you entered, you’ll additionally find Audio note 5/8: “Law that the Jungle”.

Further under this passage, there’ll be a ghost and a skeleton archer. Bait out among them in ~ a time and kill them. At the end, you’ll uncover a Magic energy Shard and another door that opens from the various other side.

Backtrack to the ahead lever, and pull it again. One more two skeletons must spawn behind you. Death them, and also you should obtain the old Labyrinth Chest Key. If girlfriend don’t, it’s most likely to drop at some point from one more skeleton.

Go earlier through come the previous ring, and pull the lever just inside. There is a skeleton directly to the right of the door and one the the large enemies come the left. Try and bait the big guy ago through the door and also kill it, prior to taking treatment of the skeleton.

Continue on, and also a ghost should attack you v a doorway further down. Death it, but don’t get in yet. Proceed down come the end of this path first. By another lever will certainly be Audio note 6/8: “Humanity’s Advocate”. In ~ the finish of the path is a rune door – you have to have more than sufficient runes to open up it.

Inside is Coffin 2/4 which has the Consecrated wrist armour. Again, this has exceptional element resistance. Currently go with the doorway next to the lever, and also kill the big guy inside. Just inside the door is Audio keep in mind 7/8: “Grim Legacy”. To your best is one more door that just opens indigenous the other side. To her left is a continuous door, so open up it, climate go back to the ahead ring.

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Pull the adjacent lever twice, and go back through – memorize the pattern displayed on the wall around the bar as this is exactly how you open the method to the final boss. Come your best is a red crystal. Additional along the corridor is a Sealed Rune (small). We don’t want to proceed yet, because the Labyrinth boss is just approximately the corner. Instead, go ago to the previous ring, climate to the ring prior to that. There’ll be a lever as shortly as you go into this ring – pull it three times.

Head back through the door, and also take a right. Head v the next doorway, and also follow the course to the end. The doorway come the appropriate will currently be open. Inside will be a large enemy and Audio keep in mind 8/8: “Dead End”. This will certainly unlock: