The local Mexican band, front by Marco Antonio Solis, will execute at three stadiums throughout the unified States later this year. "We"re walk to have actually an incredible, first-class stage," Marco Antonio tells





During a push conference in ~ SoFi stadium Monday, the Mexican band - front by Marco Antonio Solís, 61 - announced that it will certainly be reuniting for 3 stadium present stops across the united States, 25 year after initially dissolving.

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For the very first time, every seven initial members - Solis brother Marco Antonio, Jose Javier and also Joel, together with Pepe and also Roberto Guadarrama, Pedro Sanchez and "El Chivo" Cortez - will certainly reunite and perform with each other for the first time in nearly three decades.

"It's ours roots. The parental of young hear to Los Bukis and also connected through the sentiment and the songs, and also perhaps the music is behind a many young's births," Marco Antonio jokes around the band's romantic songs. "We feel great and all carry our own essence to the group."

The group also shared a special article for the Latino immigrants who'll kind part of your stadium audience.

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"We immigrated to the United says without papers on Dec. 12, 1977," Marco Antonio says. "We feel for the migrants. This worry needs to it is in addressed. Now, v what us went through with the pandemic, ns hope the we have the right to start talking around immigration revolutionary again. It's time."

Los Bukis plan to specifically return come the stage and say they have actually no to plan of re-recording or re-releasing any of your music.

"We don't have actually plans to. We desire to provide the same significance to the initial songs - exact same sounds, mixes," Marco Antonio tells "We haven't talked about re-recording. The public wants to hear the initial songs. We're walking to have actually an incredible, first-class stage."

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The team - responsible for several of Latin music's best hits, consisting of "Tu Carcel" and also "Como Fui a Enamorarme De Ti" - teased a feasible reunion previously this year, once they performed with each other for a livestream concert come raise funds during the pandemic.

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The group's tour will certainly kick turn off on Aug. 27 in ~ Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium, before heading come Chicago's Soldier field on Sept. 4 and also their last stop in ~ Dallas' AT&T stadion on Sept. 15. (The group is open up to including several stops to the tour.)

"When we reunited, there to be a catharsis. We began in existing love and that's what opened the doors come this," Marco Antonio said during a push conference. "For those with struggling relationships - with actual love and also forgiveness, you can heal anything."

"I important wasn't planning come tour with them," Marco Antonio told Billboard. "It truly was an inspirational idea that came from that moment. Why not? It's an additional time in our lives, among a the majority of maturity. We're all different now. And getting with each other was very interesting, an extremely cool."

Originally founded in 1976, the group decided to disband in 1996. Solís walk on to build a successful career together a solo aritst through tracks such together "Más Que Tu Amigo," "¿A Dónde Vamos a Parar?" and "Si No te Hubieras Ido."

As a soloist, Solís has actually earned 5 Latin Grammy awards, including for "Tu Amor y Desprecio" in 2004, "No Molestar" and its equivalent album in 2009, "Tu Me Vuelves Loco" in 2011 and "De Mil Amores" in 2014.

Meanwhile, Los Bukis without Solís walk on to end up being Los Mismos or "The same Ones", release tracks like "Me Está Doliendo Dejarte" and "Qué Bonito."

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