2  adj If you are shed or if you obtain lost, you carry out not understand wright here you are or are unable to discover your means. usu v-connect ADJ Barely had I collection foot in the street when I realised I was lost..., I took a wrong rotate and we gained lost in the hills.  

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3  adj 
If somepoint is shed, or gets lost, you cannot uncover it, for instance bereason you have forobtained where you put it. ...a lost book..., My paper obtained lost..., He was scrabbling for his pen, which had actually got lost somewright here under the sheets of paper.  
4  adj 
If you feel shed, you feel incredibly uncomfortable because you are in an unfamiliar instance. usu v-link ADJ Of the funeral he remembered just the cold, the waiting, and feeling incredibly shed..., I feel lost and lonely in a starray town alone.  
5  adj 
If you describe a perboy or group of people as lost, you think that they perform not have a clear concept of what they desire to perform or attain. They are a shed generation looking for an identity.  
6  adj 
If you define somepoint as lost, you intend that you no much longer have actually it or it no longer exists. ...a shed project or promovement..., The sense of neighborhood is shed..., The riots will likewise suppose lost revenue for Los Angeles County.  
7  adj 
You use shed to refer to a duration or state of affairs that existed in the past and also no much longer exists. ADJ n He seemed to pine for his shed youth..., ...the relics of a shed civilisation.  
8  adj 
If something is shed, it is not offered correctly and also is taken into consideration wasted. usu v-attach ADJ Fox is not bitter around the lost possibility to contend in the Gamings..., The advantage is shed.  
9 If advice or a comment is shed on someone, they execute not understand also it or they pay no attention to it. ♦be shed on someone 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n The meaning of that was shed on me...  
 You usage long-lost to define someone or somepoint that you have not checked out for a lengthy time.  adj ADJ n ...finding a long-shed 6th century manuscript.  
2  adj 
Lost and found points are things which someone has actually lost and also which someone else has discovered. ...the shelf wbelow they stored lost-and-found posts., ...the regional paper"s lost-and-found column.  
lost cause 
  (lost causes plural )If you refer to somepoint or someone as alost cause, you intend that people"s attempts to adjust or affect them have no opportunity of being successful.  n-count They perform not want to expfinish energy in what, to them, is a shed cause.  
1  n-uncount Lost residential or commercial property consists of things that human being have lost or accidentally left in a public area, for example on a train or in a school. Lost residential or commercial property must be handed to the driver.  
2  n-uncount 
Lost building is a location wbelow shed property is preserved.  (BRIT) I was enquiring in Lost Property at Derby.  in AM, usage shed and found  
shed soul 
  (shed souls plural )If you call someone a shed spirit, you intend that they seem unhappy, and also unable to fit in through any type of specific team of civilization in culture.  n-count They simply clung to each various other choose two lost souls.  

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