2  adj If you are lost or if you get lost, you do not know where you room or room unable to discover your way. usu v-link ADJ Barely had actually I set foot in the street once I realised ns was lost..., ns took a not correct turn and we acquired lost in the mountains.  

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3  adj 
If something is lost, or it s okay lost, girlfriend cannot find it, because that example due to the fact that you have actually forgotten where you put it. ...a shed book..., My paper got lost..., He to be scrabbling for his pen, i m sorry had acquired lost somewhere under the sheets that paper.  
4  adj 
If you feeling lost, friend feel an extremely uncomfortable due to the fact that you space in one unfamiliar situation. usu v-link ADJ Of the funeral the remembered only the cold, the waiting, and also feeling really lost..., i feel lost and lonely in a strange city alone.  
5  adj 
If you explain a human or team of human being as lost, girlfriend think the they do not have actually a clean idea of what they desire to carry out or achieve. They space a lost generation in search of an identity.  
6  adj 
If you define something together lost, you median that you no longer have actually it or it no longer exists. ...a lost job or promotion..., The sense of community is lost..., The riots will likewise mean lost earnings for Los Angeles County.  
7  adj 
You use lost to refer to a period or state of affairs that existed in the past and also no much longer exists. ADJ n He appeared to pine for his lost youth..., ...the relics the a lost civilisation.  
8  adj 
If other is lost, that is not provided properly and also is considered wasted. usu v-link ADJ Fox is no bitter around the lost opportunity to complete in the Games..., The advantage is lost.  
9 If advice or a comment is shed on someone, they perform not recognize it or they salary no fist to it. ♦be shed on someone 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n The definition of the was lost on me...  
 You use long-lost to describe someone or something that you have actually not watched for a long time.  adj ADJ n ...finding a long-lost sixth century manuscript.  
2  adj 
Lost and also found things are things which someone has actually lost and also which who else has found. ...the shelf whereby they save lost-and-found articles., ...the neighborhood paper"s lost-and-found column.  
lost cause 
  (lost causes plural )If you describe something or someone as alost cause, you mean that people"s do the efforts to adjust or affect them have actually no chance of succeeding.  n-count They execute not want to expend power in what, to them, is a shed cause.  
1  n-uncount Lost property consists of points that civilization have shed or by chance left in a windy place, for instance on a train or in a school. Lost property should be handed come the driver.  
2  n-uncount 
Lost residential property is a location where lost property is kept.  (BRIT) I to be enquiring in shed Property at Derby.  in AM, usage lost and found  
lost soul 
  (lost souls plural )If you contact someone a lost soul, you typical that they it seems to be ~ unhappy, and also unable come fit in with any certain group of human being in society.  n-count They just clung come each various other like two lost souls.  

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