About Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck

Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck is a single by the American post-hardcore band also The Blood Brothers, from the album Crimes (2004), released on V2 as an EP in 2005. The EP likewise has a live performance of the title track, a handful of alternate versions of formerly released tracks, and also 2 tracks that were uncovered on the leaked unmastered variation of Crimes yet reduced from the last variation of the album.

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These tire trackszigzag your torso choose the devil"s self portraitthe automobile accident, the skin graft therapy, the freduced baskets, the wincing relativesYou bid her farewell then you acquired in your carand that"s the last thing that you have the right to recalland also once they pulled you out, you didn"t understand your name, exploding semi truck blurred your challenge through flameYou met Jane four years earlier this day, dancing at some vomit stained frat partyher newspaper gown, her flashing headline brown, her violent gypsy dance, her worn down underpantsLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveRhymes via pity nowLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveRhymes with sympathy nowJane let you touch her and also feel her and she was so totally free favor a pineapple in a tree butYou shelp it"s dangerous to be so intimate, you know it"s dangerous, dangerous, dangerousJane shelp once she lassist on her earlier the sunlight hit her body like an ugly landscape butSome points never before get much better, Like offered cars and also negative livers, So you traded her in for a better looking brandOne with fake porno tits, A padlock on her lipsA disposable tanBiodegradable handsAnd ago at the hospital you obtained no travellers at all, but she visits you in your sleep, and also that Newspaper gvery own is constantly on fire (x2)She met him a week after you left herWhen you tossed out her touch to the garbage collector.He talked her out of her skirt in his beer-soaked apartmentAnd then they did all the thingsYou never before said that you wanted.And the sirens are laughing underneath your skullAnd your thoughts are turning dull, callous and also coldYesterday you provided your burden a nameYesterday you gave your burden a faceAnd that burden, looks an awful lot like herLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoverhymes through pity nowLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveRhymes with symathy nowLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveOh

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The Blood Brothers The Blood Brothers were an American post-hardcore band formed in the Eastside suburbs of Seattle in 1997. The quintet released 5 albums throughout their 10 year presence and also spawned many side-tasks along the method. All of the band also members have actually gone on to professional careers via various other bands. They officially damaged up in November 2007. even more »