We intend the katifund.org offices will be innundated via more and more controllers this year, however the M-Audio supplying looks collection to leave a lasting impression.

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M-Audio Xponent incorporated Midi controller and also USB sound card.Words: David Eserin

2007 is going to be the year of the PC DJ controller and also M-audio have released their first incorporated unit. It provides audio and Midi regulate for nearly any type of software application.

It is of course, designed for usage with their Torq DJ software application which comes with the package and also auto configures – making it a complete digital DJ device. Just include a Mac or COMPUTER.

Users deserve to take benefit of the detailed Xponent interconfront via leading software such as Ableton Live and also ReWire software program. It"s likewise geared as much as act as a controller for your DAW (Digital audio Workstation).

Xponent combines the functions of a typical two-channel DJ mixer through the controls of a pair of DJ CD players, letting you cue, mix and also scrape digital files without touching the hold computer.

The hardware is additionally qualified of mixing external equipment, such as decks and CD players. And there"s a specialized headphone output for cuing.


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Torq locates and catalogues tunes (including iTunes library) right into a conveniently searchable database on the computer"s hard drive.


For DJ CD player-style manage, the unit includes 2 touch-sensitive scratch wheels for scratching, accelerating and also slowing down the playback of digital files.

For comprehensive control over Torq, Xponent adds 64 assignable back-lit buttons (including Play, Cue, Seek, Loop, Key and also Sync controls), 2 volume sliders, eight assignable knobs for effect manage and two 100mm pitch sliders.

A really cool feature is the integrated touchpad, which functions as an assignable X/Y controller or mouse trackpad, so you never before need to take your hands off the unit in the middle of a performance.

It should be easy to obtain up and also running with Xponent because every one of the hardware controls are situated where you"d suppose them to be.

Click right here to examine out the M-Audio website.

M-Audio Xponent & Torq DJ SoftwarePrice: $749 (c. £379)Released: TBAContact: m-audio.com / +44 (0) 1923 204 010