Niccoló Machiavelli claims in “The Qualities of the Prince” that a prince must have certain qualities that will allow him to seize and maintain his power as a ruler. Machiavelli asserts that these qualities will guarantee the ruler to be able to govern his subjects effectively. According to him, a prince must study the art of war, must understand generosity and to what extent he must be generous to be effective, must choose to either be loved or feared, and be able to keep his word to his citizens according to the situation. These qualities can still apply in today’s politics, and will be useful for a modern time politician as long as they are used carefully. Machiavelli argues that a prince must study the art of war, during…show more content…Since times has changed, it is more beneficial to be loved than feared as a ruler. Many countries now practice democracy as their form of government, and being loved will help politicians secure their way into being elected. Politicians work their hardest in order to be on the good side of the citizens to get their votes. By showing kindness and hospitality, such as helping charities and promising to help the poor when elected, many politicians can gain the support of the citizens. This is the complete opposite of what Machiavelli had suggested in “The Qualities of the Prince.” If a modern time politician was to follow his advice, many people would likely despise the politician instead of liking him and end up not voting for the politician in fears of him not being a good leader for the…show more content…Because of technological advances today, it is very easy to track activities or whereabouts of any person. If a politician was to do something cunning, unethical, or morally questionable, other people will be able to easily find out about it and this will lead to his reputation being tarnished. A tarnished reputation will then lead to him having a difficult time exerting power because people will lose their trust in him. For example, during the 2012 presidential elections, Paul Ryan was caught in a scandal because he volunteered in a soup kitchen. Paul Ryan and his family visited a soup kitchen and pretended that they have been there to help out the soup kitchen by serving the patrons. However, it was later revealed that Ryan and his family came after the patrons were served and only put on the white aprons to take pictures of them washing dishes to show their voluntary activity to help the poor. The Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney candidacy took a hit because of this controversy because many of their supporters were angered for such a questionable act. They lost the trust of their supporters and also had their credibility ruined.

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Running a country while only caring for his own power and how to maintain this power can aggravate many citizens. Although Machiavelli believes that a prince does not have any obligation towards his subjects, a modern time politician owes his position to the