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By Peter Eykemans
Mad Catz is a longstanding name in the peripheral game. Indigenous console controllers come guitars, their products run the gambit of interaction entertainment. One arena they’ve done rather well in is racing wheels. Their latest entry onto Xbox 360 is no different. The foolish Catz Wireless gyeongju Wheel does a an excellent job that delivering pressure feedback on a budget, through decent construction and easy connectivity.

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Deskatifund.orged through Forza Motorsport 4 in mind, foolish Catz’s latest wheel deserve to be viewed as a challenger to the Fanatec CSR Wheel and also Microsoft’s Wireless rate Wheel. Mad Catz’s offering falls somewhere in the middle. It’s an affordable item of equipment compared to Fanatec’s wheel (we’re feather at around $250) and does a great job of carrying racing action.The force feedback in the wheel is consistent, providing variable force when trying come corner any kind of vehicle. Yet the stress feels either prefer an outside force banging ~ above the device, or a gentle tug – nothing in between. Ns couldn’t differentiate in between the feedback of various vehicles while driving.The construction of the pedals feeling the most flimsy the the totality package. Lock plastic and also extremely light, through no alternative to attach them come the ground. The Wireless gyeongju Wheel doesn’t have a clutch, just a gas and brake pedal the also role as left and also right cause (try playing require for Speed: The Run’s non-racing quicktime events while jamming ~ above the gas and brake). Yet the wheel and base contain solid metal elements that take the opposite route into good construction. Additionally, the paddle shifters are steel too, making for swift strokes when trial and error the transmission. The wheel has a moveable sequential shifter than deserve to be switched to accommodate left or right handers.

One that the best elements of mad Catz’s wheel is the lap rest. Ns for one have very small room come setup a gyeongju rig in front of my home television, but by it is registered the wheel’s lap remainder I can gain racing fairly than creating a pricey cockpit rig or makeshift table setup. This option permits for simple and available couch racing because that those with small space for tasks in their home. However for anyone with a desk or table nearby, the plastic clamps do obtain the job done without slipping.While it attributes well, the mad Catz Wireless gyeongju Wheel only works with Xbox 360. This is a stark comparison to the Fanatec CSR Wheel that straddles three different platforms (at double the price, to be fair). Yet the wireless connectivity is seamless and the wheel connects come the device the same means as any type of other controller.If you have the funds obtainable to invest in some serious racing equipment, mad Catz is one alternative that doesn’t completely break the bank.

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The mad Catz Wireless racing Wheel is far better than many low-end shoddy commodities on the line, however can’t compete with the high ends wheels you’ll discover when cross the $500 threshold. If you need a wheel but can’t reach that financial line, foolish Catz gives a great stop along the way.