Even despite the begin of Penn’s autumn semester is weeks away, college student are currently gearing up for the famous Made in America music festival,whose lineup has just to be released.Made in America was started in 2012 by Jay-Z and his company partner Steve Stoute. This year, do in America will be held on job Day weekend, Sept. 5-6, in ~ Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

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This year festival headliners incorporate pop diva Beyoncé, Jay-Z’s wife. This will certainly be the second time Beyoncé has actually performed in ~ Made in America; she headlined the 2013 festival together well.Many students room excited about this year’s lineup, which additionally includes Canadian PBR&B singers The Weeknd, Nick Jonas and alternate rock band death Cab because that Cutie.“I am many excited to check out Beyoncé,” said Sara Cerreta, a increasing sophomore in Nursing. “She is absolutely impressive live. Once I heard the she to be going to Made in America, I simply bought the ticket, no question about the price or anything.”However, some students have some reservations around the ticket price, i beg your pardon tops out at $171.50 after fees.
“I’ve heard of half the lineup and maybe a 4 minutes 1 of those I know of,” said Sam Warrick, a increasing sophomore in the College. “The tickets space too expensive to threat not liking a most the music.”Made in America bring in music lover from roughly the country and the festival website is working to organize traffic. The website has actually directions for human being traveling to Philadelphia through plane, train, car, SEPTA or bike.The festival also has strict rules around what deserve to be carried into the festival site. No external food or drinks will certainly be allowed, however, there will be food vendors and free filtered water station inside.In addition to the performers, the festival will also host food trucks, a goods tent and beer gardens. The festival will likewise be live-streamed.
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“I’m really excited to just be in the whole environment,” Cerreta said. “I didn’t gain to go last year, however a lot of my girlfriend did and they really enjoyed it.”Last year, Jay-Z announced a second Made in America festival that would certainly take place in Los Angeles at the same time as one in Philadelphia. The goal was to offer both coasts access to the multi-genre music festival. However, the west coast festival was no picked up for a 2nd year.The full lineup and a list of frequently asked questions can be found at the do in America website.
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