The third game in the open human being crime series. Mafia III complies with Vietnam veteran, mixed-race Lincoln Clay in 1960s new Bordeaux, once racism is blooming, as he aspires because that revenge versus those who have actually harmed his family.

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i went with "Rule together". I considered leaving town, however in the end I figured ns would simply be changed by someone else and regardless the the death and destruction caused by Lincoln during the game, i feel he in ~ least has actually some simple morality. I quite favored that ending and feel happy v my choice.


I additionally went with dominance together because it seemed many in line v the Lincoln character and also what I interpreted him to be. I didn"t really favor that climate they were like "he acquired in come anything the made money, drugs, prostitution, and so on etc" because in mine head ns was favor "That"s no the character i made Lincoln be!"


ns left town. In mine head ns felt that Lincoln really did want to avoid after he to be done v Sal but kept going due to the fact that he lost his way. I trusted Vito or Cassandra enough to run the city and also not it is in monsters, and Burke doesn"t have too much time left anyway. I believed it was a quite okay ending for Lincoln, but I great I might have had a documentary format interview with old ass Lincoln in ~ the very end.

The one point I carry out want desperately is a story DLC wherein you play as Donovan acquisition down other members that the Marcano JFK assassination squad. That component of the finishing was fantastically ridiculous. Donovan could be my favourite character in the entire game next to Lincoln himself.


John Donovan is definitely up over there for ideal character of 2016.

I left town. His revenge was complete, time to move on. It all worked out even much better than ns expected, I wanted a happy finishing for Vito and also he ended up to run things and also living luxuriously.

Left town. Felt choose the story constructed him up as simply wanting to take under Marcano and not really caring about the business shit.

Cassandra ended up taking over and damn, her finishing is dark.

I went complete Marcano and went with dominion alone, i beg your pardon did no go fine at all. (Father James kills Lincoln v a vehicle bomb) No actual regrets through my selection though. Lincoln was yes, really no much better than any type of of the people he eliminated throughout the food of the game. It was the finishing that the deserved.

I went with dominion Together since I felt prefer that was most in line through Lincoln"s character. He might not have actually wanted to collection down this path, however once ~ above it, he want to check out it through to the end so that no various other asshole might take preeminence of the city. Ending up being estranged with Father James is unfortunate, yet I don"t think Lincoln and him always saw eye to eye in the first place.

And yeah, Donovan is incredible. Loved the mid credits nonsense. Definitely best character the 2016 or in ~ the very least in the running.

I went through leave town. I felt choose it was in line with his character because at this suggest his connection with the dad was every he had left the any kind of family, for this reason he gained to him.

Burke ended up acquisition over, who was probably my the very least favorite of the 3. I separated the districts equally, so I"m no sure how that to be the outcome. Ns guess that probably had the best income, i did a bunch of goals trying to unlock the Stromer .223. Five well.

I also 2nd the concept for Donovan being best character of 2016. Pretty great character throughout, and the mid-credits scene was great, a good way to tie increase his story.

i played that game solitary mindedly and also never obtained the desire come take end so ns left. I watched them all though.

The write-up credits sequence was insane. Ns couldn"t call if it was trying come say that Donovan has actually gone insane since of the war, that there is one assassins creed style conspiracy behind everything, or the was yes, really on to something. It was a fun method to resolve his character motivation but that left me feeling choose they hadn"t justified it at all until those last few minutes. I guess it"s a kind payoff for holding it earlier so long.

Left town. Cassandra took over and also the city to be pretty much destroyed. Oops.

Donovan always seemed to it is in a, so him going completely nuts and also being a JFK conspiracy seed makes full sense.

I believed Father James to be a fantastic character animated yes, really well and played exceptionally well by his voice actor. You could tell he to be trying come exorcise his very own demons by helping Lincoln and the after-effects of the seem to haunt the the remainder of his life.

i left town. It seemed like the selection Lincoln would actually make. He perfect what Sal had actually started, and also his entire family was dead in the city. There was no factor for him come stay.

Man, ns forgot how much I enjoyed this game. It"s rough roughly the edges and has too much side content that"s forced, however when it"s good, it"s really good.

Man. This game.

For me, i felt choose Lincoln lost it end the course of the game - ns went v "The Godfather" story - stayed in new Bordeaux and also chose to dominance alone. (which goes against every decision I commonly make in these games) then you hop in the car and also blow increase from a auto bomb the Father James has planted. This game"s story to be done especially well.

I continue to assistance the greatness that is Donovan as a character.

Also we have to talk about the amazing Mafia 3 soundtrack and what the crap the video game does come the soundtrack top top the means to the last mission.

preeminence together only since I go too much work to obtain to that suggest and i wasn"t just going come walk away. I really appreciated the game, but there were a few times it in reality felt like work simply to progression further.

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