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About UsMagnum Opus federal Corporation is a premium mortgage brokerage firm serving the lending demands of a varied home owner and also home buyer base including real estate professionals, builders, financial planners, attorneys, insurance providers and also many other critical professional partners. The certain has accessibility to a myriad of mortgage commodities with the target of equivalent unique borrower to the best possible terms, rates, and also costs accessible to fulfill their particular needs.At the core the company was started on help folks achieve the American dream that homeownership without the stress and also sluggishness of traditional banks. Magnum Opus Federal uses grants and also lender credits to ma


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Hello, We want to thank Christian B*** because that making this experience an extremely easy and also pleasant. Clearly he has a distinct gift. That turned what can have to be a an extremely stressful case into a smooth series of predefined events. Important a gift! say thanks to you Christian again for your fist to detail, integrity and also for always being available! and I do median always!!! A sincere give thanks to you indigenous Rosie and also Ed! PS thank you for her generous gifts!!! PPS. If friend in the market for a new home and also would like to gain the procedure we extremely recommend Christian. He is the genuine deal and also you will certainly not regret contacting Christian. Ed & Rosie!! *** ***** philly PA

I can't include anything that has not been stated in the reviews prior to mine.My partner and also I had actually a an extremely easy, pleasant suffer from start to finish.Highly recommend Christian and also the team in ~ Magnum!

Christian and his team at Magnum Opus space amazing. Castle were really knowledgeable and quick to respond if i had any questions about the mortgage process. I would highly recommend making use of their services and I will proceed being a customer because that the foreseeable future. Thanks for make the home buying suffer a pleasant one.

I freshly bought my first home this year and want to very recommend Magnum Opus. Brandon worked carefully with me every step of the means and the procedure could not have went smoother. He to be patient and also responsive to mine questions and also concerns. He also explained every document I was signing heat by heat which take it a many the confusion and also stress away for me. They gained me a an excellent deal and also were great to job-related with! thanks guys! Please take into consideration using Magnum Opus, particularly if you space a very first time house buyer.

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I recently have had the pleasure of beginning a business relationship v Christian Best. How lucky am ns that his last name simply so happens to reflect his days! I have actually recommended bulk of my recent buyers come him due to the fact that of the following reasons1- his an answer time / capability to communicate2- the treats my clients like friends and also family, not simply a client trying to buy a home. He listens to your financial goals and sets them up with loan scenarios the work ideal for them based on his suffer with the market3- he and also his team have actually closed deals faster than any lenders I have actually used, and have made the procedure stress free for me and my clients4- the modern technology his company has makes it super easy for my client to upload documents he needs, and permits me, together an agent, to follow the transaction seamlessly5- he's merely THE BEST!!! Looking front to helping many much more clients together !