While do the efforts to download the som_pak-3.1-NAcMoS.tar.gz file, I"ve provided the listed below commands:

$ tar xvf som_pak-3.1-NAcMoS.tar.gz$ cd som_pak-3.1$ cp makefile.katifund.org makefile$ make$ cd ..$ ln -s som_pak-3.1 $NACMOS_HOME/som_pakBut when executing the do command I"m getting the adhering to error:

* lacking separator (did you average TAB instead of 8 spaces?). Stop.

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Can anybody tell me the factor for the error?Is there any packages need to include with this?


The error you"re encountering:

*** missing separator (did you average TAB rather of 8 spaces?). Stop.

Means the the makefile has spaces instead of Tab"s. The make energy is notoriously picky about the usage of room instead the Tab. For this reason it"s most likely that the makefile contains room at the start of dominance stanzas in ~ the file.


Let"s speak I have actually the following 3 .c files:


char *hello() return "Hello";world.cchar *world() return "world";main.c:#include /* Prototypes. */char *hello();char *world();intmain(int argc, char *argv<>) printf("%s, %s!\n", hello(), world()); return 0; to speak I have actually the adhering to Makefile:

# The executable "helloworld" counts on every 3 thing fileshelloworld: main.o hello.o world.o cc -o helloworld main.o hello.o world.o # line starts with TAB!# build main.o (only needs main.c to exist)main.o: main.c cc -c main.c # heat starts v TAB!# develop hello.o (only needs hello.c to exist)hello.o: hello.c cc -c hello.c # line starts through TAB!# develop world.o (only needs world.c come exist)world.o: world.c cc -c world.c # line starts v TAB!# eliminate object files, executables (katifund.org/Windows), Emacs back-up files, #+ and also core filesclean: rm -rf *.o helloworld *~ *.core core # line starts with TAB!

Now we shot to construct a target

When I operation it against the target helloworld:

$ do helloworldmakefile:3: *** missing separator (did you median TAB rather of 8 spaces?). Stop.Look familiar?

Fixing the issue

You can fix this by changing the Spaces come actual Tab characters. I supplied vim to fix my file. Just open it:

$ vim makefileAnd then operation this command within:

:%s/^< >\+/^I/NOTE: ^I is a unique character. Typing ^ adhered to by I will certainly be construed differently compared to Ctrl+V-Ctrl+I.

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This will certainly substitute every the present that begin with 1 or an ext Spaces with an really Tab.

Now when I rerun my helloworld target:

$ do helloworldcc -c main.c # line starts with TAB!cc -c hello.c # line starts through TAB!cc -c world.c # line starts v TAB!cc -o helloworld main.o hello.o world.o # line starts with TAB!