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I’m not a large Star Wars nut, yet I would gladly hand over my money for these awesome Star Wars hoodies by Marc Ecko. Ns want all of them. Here are few of the designs:


That’s the Vader hoodie ($100 (USD)) in addition to the X wing Pilot hoodie ($150). I wonder why the Vader hoodie is cheaper than the X-Wing Pilot hoodie; it’s certain to be one of the bestsellers the this line.


Those space the “Real” Trooper ($100) and also the Clone Trooper ($100) hoodies. Man… ns don’t recognize if not having a credit transaction card at times favor this is a an excellent or a bad thing. Dammit. The Star battles hoodies (and jackets) will be accessible this October. Walk to Marc Ecko’s virtual shop and also pre-order one because that me will you? They have actually other Star Wars designs as well. Friend can acquire those. Just gain me the Vader hoodie. And the real Trooper hoodie. And every one of them. Every one of THEM!

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